Everyone Needs A Picket Fence....

June 2, 2010

I LOVE a picket fence!
It doesn't matter if it is new...or if it is old...
There are a few fences around town that I have kept my eye on for many years.
One was built by a lady named Agnes Bluth. The fence stood for many many years on
a piece of land where her home once was. The home is gone....
a few of the trees she planted still stand....and recently her old picket fence...
that she made with her hands...was taken down because a new fence was put in it's
place. Although the new fence was greatly needed....it was sad to see the old one go.

Another fence I have enjoyed watching through the years is about 3 blocks from
my home. Again, it was built many many years ago by someone who settled this area.
Now it is falling down...
Covered with climbing roses that haven't been care for in a long time and alot of weeds.
I am guessing that the roses were planted by the same people who put up the fence.
We call the roses...."Pioneer Roses"
The Farmer's Mother says, that the years ago this town was covered with
"Pioneer Roses" now the are not so present. Only about 3-4 houses still have them.
My hope....this upcoming Winter....is to take starts from the existing roses,
and plant them around my home. They are beautiful!

A picket fence warms a home....

I have longed for a picket fence....really to keep the dogs out of my garden.
And finally.....the picket fence is in place!
(it always helps when the parents come for a visit....)
Something very simple has brought me alot of joy!
On one corner of the fence, I planted Wisteria....my hope is that soon....
it will grow and climb all over the new fence.
Now the question....
To paint or not to paint?????
Do we paint it white.....or leave it natural???
The Farmer isn't a fan or painting fences...he says
"Once your paint...you always have to paint....again...and again...."
Me on the other hand would love the fence to be white.....
What do you think?


Jan T. said...

White makes it stand out....and I love painted fences that look like they need to be re-painted...love that weathered look. :)

BarbaraJo said...

I have to say I love the white. We are having a fence dilemma ourselves. Thanks for some great ideas.

Alice Wills Gold said...

You have to go white...or really have some fun and paint it a different color.

NO BROWN! What are you trying to do ugly up the beautiful garden?

Tell the farmer you must paint. I too love the weathered look.

Cathy said...

Yes... WHITE!!! I too LOVE picket fences! When we lived in Jared's house I had a WHITE picket fence even though it was not make of wood. Vinyl is really practical and it does last forever! No need to ever repaint and you can spray it clean with water... plus, I think it is just as pretty!!

Chris said...

definitly white!!!! your blog is so entertaining!

Pedaling said...

i like them both.
white would go best with my house.
does your house lean itself to white or more of the natural brown tones?

Trisha said...

Remember Karate Kid (I just watched it with my Noah last week) " PAINT THE FENCE"! Not only will it stand out more, but will give your kids some karate buiding skills for their future use. I too love picket fences. Sometimes they don't go with the style of the house, like mine, but I think they can be used in the landscaping as well. We will be looking forward to an updated picture of your "painted fence".

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