The Farmer Has Arrived......

June 29, 2010

Early Friday morning I hit the road for Las Vegas.
After two long weeks without The Farmer, he decided it was time to join us.
He flew into Las Vegas, which gave us the chance to see a couple of shows.
Vegas was packed with people, and extreemly hot......but the shows were great!
Cher was good. The music was alot of fun!
The theater was packed.....the crowd was lively......which made for a fun evening.

Even if you are not a follower of Cher....which we are not.....
it was a fun show.

Friday evening we saw Donny & Marie.....
It was a fun filled two hours of songs you could sing along with, great dancing,
and alot of laughs. Really most of the laughs came for the audience.....
(The Farmer and I were the youngest ones there....)
Some audience members were beyond thrilled to see Donny in person....and thus the laughs!
The theater was great! Every seat was good. It really was an excellent show.
They are quite the entertainers....
If you watched The Donny & Marie Show......back in the day....
(and I am not saying that I did.....) okay, so I watched the show....every Friday night,
You will really enjoy the evening.
They closed the show with "May Tomorrow Be A Perfect Day...."
which most people who were there could sing along too. It was good fun!
Vegas just wouldn't be Vegas without an Elvis sighting.....
at the local mall;)
which..p.s.......never closed!
It was pretty impressive to find everything open
at 1:00am!

Friday, after Donny & Marie....we caught a late showing of the Cirque "Beatles" show.
The Farmer is a big fan of The Beatles and so this was a highlight of the trip.
It was really fantastic and amazing!
Great music.....incredible acrobatics.....very well done.
All in all, it was a great little trip for us. I told The Farmer that most of our traveling is
work was nice to just have a little fun......"just for fun."
We returned to Provo to find Auntie and The Darlings perfectly in tact. They had a great
weekend too. Everyone was happy.....the condo was was a lovely weekend for all!
This week we dropped off The Boy at EFY. As I was leaving I gave him a hug
and said...."Hey Boy....I love you..." to which he replied.....
"Mom....I'll call you when I run out of money.."
Pretty tender don't you think???
The Rooster started Basketball Camp...along with a couple of dear friends from home.
Preshie.....she began her week of "Summer Scholars".....her English courses which she is loving.
It is great to have The Farmer with us....we really missed him.


Cathy said...

I want to see Donny & Marie!! I'm jealous! Sounds like you spent big bucks on entertainment! Those shows don't come cheap! Glad you had a great time!

Pedaling said...

The Farmer is in...
Let the partying begin!

I totally watched Donny and Marie, every Friday night!

Trisha said...

Fun, fun, fun. Sounds like you are on "extended leave" and having a wonderful time. Good for you!
A question, you mentioned "condo". I just assumed you were staying in the Max Jones home. I guess Jeff is there but is has a basement as well.

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