All Is Well.....

July 1, 2010

029 PreShie left this morning for another day at her BYU English camp. She looked so darn cute when she got of out the car....backpack and she stepped out of the car to join her
friends I caught a glimpse of her necklace which says...."All Is Well."
And it got me thinking.......
As I was driving back to our temporary home, I noticed a large group of EFY kids, walking from the location which The Boy is staying.....and in the distance I saw that Boy of ours.....
dressed in his Sunday clothes.....(7:30am) white shirt and tie...
carrying his scriptures, with two lovely young women,one on each arm.
The whole group was walking arm in arm headed for breakfast.
All through the BYU campus, at 7:00 am. you can find groups of faithful young men and young women, sitting in groups participating in their morning devotional. Headed up by some pretty amazing counselors who's desire is to strengthen these modern day Strippling Warriors.
It touches my soul and I shed tears.... every morning.
I am so grateful that The Darlings have had the chance to be in this special place, participating in some amazing activities. I am grateful that so much effort is made for the youth of this church.
When life seems so overwhelming and so rough for our youth.....
I feel so totally grateful for moments like I watched this morning. Goodness surrounds us....
"Though hard to you.....This jouney may appear....
On another note.......
While returning to Provo this past weekend....The Farmer showed alot of patience when I asked to stop....many times....because of great photo opportunities. The Lavender fields at Young Living Farms, are incredible. We stopped to take a few pictures and were quickly met by
"security" who deemed us "harmless enough" and so allowed us to continue the photo shoot.
The purple of the Lavender flowers, against the mountains is just fantastic.
The are hosting a 5K in another week, right through the Lavender fields, an interesting idea;)

We also took a few minutes and stopped in a town called Parowan. A few years ago the Grandparents S. moved to this little town. One of those unexpected experiences where they were driving down the freeway when they felt impressed to visit this little town, and the next thing we knew they had sold their home in Mesa and had moved to Parowan. They created such a dreamy life there. The filled their yard with beautiful flowers, a fantastic garden and some impressive chickens, which I might add were carefully hearded by Dixie the dog.
It was peaceful, it was beautiful for us it became a place of rest. We spent a few weeks each summer with them in this cute town. Right about the time they moved to Parowan, The Farmer had a dear friend, that he had grown up with, pass away suddenly. Intrestingly enough, his wife decided to burry him in Parowan. She also ended up moving her children to this little town to continue raising them. Each time we visited Parowan, The Farmer would find his way to the cemetery....which I might very beautiful, to greet his dear friend. And again, this past weekend we found our way to the cemetery, where again The Farmer visited Norman, his childhood friend. Parowan also represents a time of healing for me and The Darlings.
After our Colton passed away, The Darlings and I decided to stay with the Grandparents S. for about a month during that summer. We were all emotionally tired and I was physically quite sick too. The Grandparents S. entertained The Darlings with lots of fun experiences, while I re-grouped. It was a much needed time of healing for us all. We left renewed, ready to embark on life again. So a little town, along the freeway....that we had never heard of, had become a place filled with wonderful memories for our family.
Back to The Farmer's friend Norman Call......
His family home is located about 5 blocks from our home in Mexico.
His family is known for their Christlike goodness.
His Mother is the closest to perfection of anyone I know.
She has burried 2 husbands and 4 children, and she has remained the picture of strength and gratitude. In moments of my own life....I have thought of Sister Glenna Call and her strength. I love her and am inspired by her. When The Farmer and Norman were growing up, Norman had a windmill behind his house. They also had a "Pila" behind the house that they used as a swimming pool. Many great memories were made in that Pila. After all the children had grown and moved away, Sister Glenna Call decided it was time to sell the family home and move to Utah. The home was sold, the children gathered to help her move, and Norman took the windmill that had stood behind their home.
He moved it to Las Vegas, where he set it up behind his home there.
When Norman died, his wife moved to Parowan, and moved that windmill with her.
Now it stands behind their home, in Parowan Utah.
It was great to see it again!

Just a side note.....
Utah must be the home of the most fantastic barns in the world.
This is outside of Parowan.....another beautiful barn!


Trisha said...

A nice reminder of Aunt Glenna and her family. Great friends of our family as well. As a matter of fact I told Dana I was related to the Call's before I married him cause we did so much with Uncle Arnold, Aunt Glenna and their family. Good people.

Gram said...

I dropped by to see all the beautiful pictures that you have posted. You have had a busy wonderful June. I love your family without personally knowing them. Utah is pretty. I am enjoying a visit and staying with
Pedaling Fast. Another daughter lives in Salt Lake City. Sister Lax

Jarmeg Family said...

wow you guys are having so much fun in utah! we are headed up next week, i hope it is still blooming and beautiful!

sandyseashells said...

very nice post.
I do pop in on your blog every once in awhile. I actually have kinda of envied your life down there in Mexico. I love Mexico, and seriously have wanted to move there, or have a 2nd home there. It is so sad what has happened in the last few years.
May God bless you, and keep you and your family safe.
love, sandy lax-

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