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July 18, 2010

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Grandpa S. was raised on a ranch in Southern Idaho. His family moved to Arizona when he was 16years old. As I was growing up, memories of life on the ranch were shared often. It was a place that he loved. It was a sheep ranch and life there was not easy. It required alot of work, and it required that each family member participate. This ranch had been in the family for
several generations.....their experiences there shaped their lives and helped
make them into some pretty great people. When I was a little girl, I too had the chance to spend
some time at The Ranch, during the summer months. It was an extremely long drive from Mesa Arizona, but I can remember....very clearly....how impressed I was how green both Utah and Idaho were, and how many streams and rivers flowed so freely. It was pretty amazing for a girl who had spent her whole life in the desert.

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It was always so exciting to arrive at The Ranch. The home seemed so large, and there was a large brass bed that I looked forward to sleeping in. There was no TV. But there were cousins that lived next door and lots of places to explore. Everything was named for our family,
the roads, the nearby canyon....and many people who lived in the area. It always
made us feel special to see our family name posted in so many places.
I can remember drinking from colorful aluminum cups kept in the kitchen,
Visiting Soda Springs and actually making our own "soda" from the mineral water,
Picnics in Skinner Canyon....
Driving "into" church on Sunday mornings.....
Walking to the milking house to get fresh milk.....
It was a life that, at the time, seemed so unusual to me, but I liked it


The last time that I visited "The Ranch," The Farmer and I had just finished school at BYU and had decided to accept a job back East. We thought it might be awhile until we would be close enough to visit, and so we took a little weekend trip to visit this special place.
That was nearly 20 years ago.
When we decided to spend some time in Utah this summer....we also decided that it would be a great time to show The Darlings, "The Ranch" and teach them a bit about their heritage.
I don't think they knew what to expect....but they very quickly connected to The Ranch,
and asked why we didn't spend our summers there now. Their lives are pretty similar to what life on "The Ranch" is like....but they felt the goodness of those who had gone before them, and loved the images of Grandpa S. that they found there. The Boy really enjoyed the old basketball hoop that still remains on the side of the barn, where Grandpa S. played many games.

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The home is the same. It hasn't changed too much. The people, who live there now, love the home just as if they were family. The yards are fantastic! Many of the plants, Lilacs and some beautiful yellow roses have been there for generations. The barns remain, and they are wonderful! They still contain items that were left behind like old tools and things that were used to farm. Many old horse shoes have been dug up....along with marbles and a darling pair of overalls that must have belonged to a child many, many years ago. Treasures
The family cemetery can be seen from the back porch of the house, on the side of a hill.
It was really great to walk through that cemetery and
see those who paved the way for us.
I was glad that The Darlings were able to connect a little with those great people.
I sat on the steps of that porch....many a summer day......
Sometimes the days were hot and dry,
Other days I was quite board....wishing to be back in Mesa....
And other days, I loved sitting on those steps, imagining what life would have been like when Grandpa S. was growing up. I have so many fond memories of "The Ranch" and am so very grateful that The Darlings had the chance to walk on the ground that their ancestors walked.
It is a special place...."The Ranch."

The original homestead can also be seen from the back porch of the existing home.
The Darlings enjoyed checking the house out....it was a great adventure for them.


BAS said...

Great photos. The Ranch house looks way better than it ever did in the past. The new owners really have fixed it up and cared for the place nicely.

Pedaling said...

the kind of childhood memories every kid should have.

Trisha said...

I love that you are sharing your past with your kids and making memories at the same time. My kids grew up basically where I did but don't know if I took the time to share alot of my memories. Are they being good sports or are they getting tired of it all?? What a great summer you are having. Are you ever coming home??

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