Freedom And The Tree Streets.....

July 3, 2010

It isn't often that we have found ourselves in the U.S. for The Fouth of July.
Usually we are in Mexico, where our ability to celebrate this great holiday is limited.
Our celebration usually is a picnic, sometimes at the lake, with a few firecrackers....and we are grateful for that. But we always honor the day.
This year I am in awe of the patriotism I see all around me. The flags flying, the homes decorated, The Freedom Festival, parades and so many other activities. This morning was the second day of the hot air balloon launch....there were people everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. Parents with little children, grandparents and many students. Many were dressed in red, white and blue, many were carrying small was a sight to see. Tonight we will attend the Staduim of's sure to be a great time!

The streets of Provo are beautiful. Even red, white and blue flower beds.
We walked the streets of downtown Provo last night.....with a few thousand other people....
saw some great booths filled with great food, and many other items.
The Farmer found his most favorite in the whole world.....roasted corn!

The Tree Streets in Provo are my favorite!
The Farmer and I have spent some time driving up and down the streets....secrectly we would love to own a home on those Tree Streets. The homes are quaint and well kept and just darling. Children play in the streets and flags fly on many of the homes.
It's dreamy.



We are all together again....The Darlings have finished their camps this week.
It is nice to have The Boy back with us. He is happy, and he is fortified!
PreShie will begin EFY Monday....but for now....we are all together.
Yesterday we had lunch with dear friends that we hadn't seen in YEARS....we won't say how many;) She is also a dear blogging friend....Pedaling....she took some pictures....I am hoping that she will post I can "borrow"them from her;) We also spent a little time in Salt Lake City, we were lucky enough to run onto Pres. and Sis. Taylor who are serving a full time mission there. It was great to catch up with them. We are looking forward to a fun filled
weekend and the chance to honor a very special holiday!


Pedaling said...

Looks like the Farmer pulled over again for your talented picture taking!

Yes, I am anxious to post our pictures, I just wasn't sure if we were going to get the families together or not, so I was waiting to see if there would be more pics to add to our collection....

Teachinfourth said...

I love your photos…very bright an patriotic. I even recognized a few of the places you shot in these photos.

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