Animal Style

July 17, 2010

Let me just say....I live OUT of the country....
I have heard everyone talking about In & Out Burger.... and so a few months
ago, on a trip to Mesa, I thought I would try one. I ordered a burger and some fries.
I sat down, I ate the burger, and some of the fries and then I got in my car and left. It was OK,
it was not amazing. And so it left me wondering what the big deal was.
To be honest with you, I never thought about it again. And I have not looked for another
In & Out Burger since. A few nights ago, it was late....we hadn't eaten....
our condo was full of family...and I do mean full! Someone suggested In & Out, because it
was close by. Remembering my past experience,
I again asked what the big deal was.....
and I was put in my place.
It is all in how you order the burger apparently. No one told me.
And so we all loaded into the car and headed to the local In & be educated.

Aunt Amy knew exactly how to educate us!
We stood in line. We ordered......
We got some hats and stickers, because it was out first time.
And we returned to the condo.
All the way back, Aunt Amy was telling us about all of the
"secret menus" that exist in Utah.....who knew!
Well actually everyone knew except.....the folks who don't live in the USA.
I mean were we supposed to find out????
Ok, back to the burgers......
Once home, we carefully unwrapped the burgers and found alot of oozing goodness....
and I now agree.....the are pretty darn tasty!
The fries were pretty great too!


The Farmer, on the other not sold.
He says it is a burger. He thinks all of the lines at all hours of the day or night are just
a bunch of people wondering what the other people are doing and so they are there
to see what the big deal is....and they soon find isn't such a big deal.
While he was expressing his feelings he gave us all a little lesson on marketing,
and how we are all victims of marketing and advertising;)
(this is what he used to do....and Proctor and he should know....)
He said he didn't think he would go back again.
He did think that the shakes were good, but still wouldn't wait in line for one.
Who knew that something so simple and yummy could cause such an stir.
I am sold....and I will go again....given the opportunity!!

After the burgers....the cousins played a little....
Logan who we lovingly call "Loady" since she is a "Load"....
loves The Rooster, and The Rooster loves her,
even when she pokes his eyes out!


Jarmeg Family said...

hmmmm.... i suggested we go there when we were in utah too, but jared said it is not that good and overhyped! i am not sure if he ordered animal style though! glad you are having fun, but it's time to come home now !!!!

Jeff's Wife! said...

The hamburgers are good, yes, but I'm more with Kelly's opinion. That's how I feel about the Twilight books... we all read them only because we feel like we need to bcz everyone else is. And then we feel we have to agree that the novels are a great read bcz, well, that's what we're being told to believe. ;-) But don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the movies and, heavens, if someone brought me an In-N-Out burger right now, I'd definitely devour it!

Kara& Bert said...

I can't wait to eat there soon we are devoted fans at least 1 time a day usually 2 when we are in the country:) Its a favorite wash it down with a dozen Krispy Kreams and your livin the life:)

Mindy said...

Hey. I found you through Sheila's blog and you are a new fave. Your family is beautiful and I look forward to reading more.

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