A Sundance Afternoon....

July 8, 2010

Sundance has got to be one of the most beautiful places on earth!
Monday, after dropping PreShie off at EFY, we headed to Sundance for a little
mountain biking. It was a beautiful day!


The teenage boys thought that they could manage the most difficult paths there......and
they boy promptly wiped out. One boy smashed the screen on his cel. phone, the other was
scraped up a bit. They then decided that the more moderate paths would be better until
they got the hang of it. While we were riding the lift, I noticed that several people, riding along with us, were heavily padded with motocross helmets on. And then I thought to myself,
that these boys had no idea what they were getting into.

The spent every moment of the day riding....they didn't break for lunch, they just rode!
They wrecked a few times.....shook it off and went on.


Me on the other hand....I rode the lift several times....
Took a little lunch break....the food was wonderful!
Took lots of pictures....
Checked out the darling store.....
Admired some beautiful art.....
And rode the life some more.
It was a lovely day for me too!


The "mountain bikers."

The scenery was incredible!


The treats were very yummy!
And cute!
It was a fantastic afternoon

Everyday is full of fun activities....we find ourselves together with family most every night.
We have overeaten....laughed way too much....
re-connected with old friends, and are just having a darn good time!


Jan T. said...

It's my favorite place to be! How long are you here for...we need to get together. I'm in town for the next two weeks so call me if you're free!

Pedaling said...

looks like you picked the most relaxing and fun of all....
riding the tram!

so nice you all are enjoying your vacation together.

Cathy said...

You guys know how to have fun! Sounds like your are having an unforgetable summer!

pj said...

That mountain is beautiful right now! Hope you get up to Park City to ride the roller coaster through the trees and the zip line! way fun! The alpine slide is kind of lame now. Aren't vacations fun!

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