I Spent The Day Crying......

October 19, 2010

She is 16. Our PreShie Girl is 16.
It happened yesterday.....and thus began my day of tears.
Actually, the tears began Sunday. Our family has begun the "farwell" stage of sending our oldest...boy....cousin on a mission. His "farwell" was Sunday at church. We have all known that this day would come...I mean we have had 18 years of planning...but it just got real on Sunday. The younger cousins sang in church....Called to Serve and Army of Heleman, and I led
them as they sang. I did pretty well until the second song started and just looking at all of them,
the boys...looking like missionaries in their white shirts, ties and suits....and the darling girls,
who are just beautiful and sweet....just looking at them all standing together ....brought
on the tears. These kids are more like siblings than they are like cousins. The spend nearly
every waking moment together. Sometimes they fight like siblings....but they are quick to
forgive...and if you mess with one...you mess with them all...no matter the age!
So back to the tears.....Monday morning we awoke to Preshie's 16th birthday....
We enjoyed her birthday breakfast together....we sang Happy Birthday real loud.....
opened a few presents....and sent her off for the day.
I guess it is in the quiet moments that I actually have the chance to think....
I sat down at the computer to begin my day....checking emails.....and I remembered that I had
wanted to check out a video that I had heard about...."The Boys Of Fall" by Kenny Chesney.
I found it....and watched it....and burst into tears......and stayed that way for most of the day.
In the midst of this...we will call it...."small breakdown"......I talked to a dear sister-in-law,
who is the Mom of the missionary....and she too had spent the morning in tears....so
we cried together....talking about how very blessed we are to have such great kids and a family
who is so supportative. And how time just passes tooooo fast.
We talked about what a great time of life this is for us.....busy.....but the kind of busy that we are really going to miss when The Darlings are gone. We talked about how great it is to have all of
our children under our roof......under our influence (hopefully).....and just together.
I am not ready to let go! And PreShie turning 16 didn't help things out either!


After a morning of tears and cooking.....
I met The Darlings.....The Cousins....and a group of friends for lunch.
It is always so much fun to be with the kids....they enjoyed Sweet and Sour Meatballs....
Salad....Garlic Toast....Green Beans....and PreShie's favorite...
Pastel de Tres Leches.
The Boy watched "The Boys of Fall"......and was visibly touched......(mission accomplished!)
Everyone ate until it was all gone.....and lots of hugs and birthday wishes were shared.
It really is one of my favorite times....lunch with the kids.


When I arrived back home.....sitting on the the counter was this beautiful flower arrangement.
And....just for a moment....I thought they might be for me;)....but Noooooooooooo......
The card was addressed to PreShie......can we just say she was thrilled when she arrived home.
A "friend" of hers sent the lovely bouquet.
We enjoyed a lovely dinner together as a family....set with china and candles....
all to celebrate our PreShie! She is a beautiful young lady, inside and out!
We are so thrilled to call her Daughter!
**the best gift of the day was from The Rooster....he had purchased...with his own money....
an oversized bag of candy....put it in a gift bag...and wrote her a card.
Happy Birthday PreShie.....We love you!!!


Mindy said...

What a great thing to cry over. One of my favorite scriptures is found in the 3rd Epistle of John. It says, "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth". Your darlings really are lovely. They must have a lovely mother.

Jarmeg Family said...

can't believe she is 16! she really is a gorgeous girl!

LaNae said...

Hard to believe we are getting so old--and it sometimes makes me mad that my kids are growing up so fast! She is beautiful!

Kimberly & Kids said...

Okay, I'm totally crying now! I know the feeling...my oldest is giving his mission farewell talk this Sunday and leaving on Nov. 17th. He'll be serving in Puebla Mexico. My daughter is a senior and just turned 17. We all have amazing beautiful kids...don't want them to leave!!!!

Love ya!

Toni Jones said...

Happy 16th to Preshie! I can remember when i used to babysitt her... how the time flies. This post brought back a lot of memories of my 16th birthday! My mom also brought us all lunch at the JSA and when i came home from school the night i also had received a flower arrangement from a "friend!" haha!

Jeff's Wife! said...

I guess she really is 16! I remember heading off to the Miss Texas Teen USA pageant in Houston. I visited with you and Kelly at the El Paso house the night before we left. Preshie was still in the hospital as a wee newborn babe. You showed me pictures of her and I thought she was so cute. Needless to say, she's not just cute, but is now a darn good-lookin' girl!

Chris said...

Shelley, I remember being at a track meet when Jamie was in 5th grade. Rusty was competing also. Lanny rushed up to sit down on the bleachers and we were talking about what a busy day it was, track meets, making cookies for a pack meeting, and other things that involved our children. Lanny said, "I just love busy days". I have always remembered that. You will really miss those 'busy days'. Congratulations on Victoria's 16th! She is a beautiful girl. It was fun having her in band for 3 years. She is really talented! I miss no associating with the kids.

Pedaling said...

She's a beauty.
You all have quite the life. so much love!

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