Do You Know Anyone Who Has Spurred Himself ?????

October 4, 2010

We are home from our trip. It was a good one!
The city was beautiful....The food was fantastic....We did a little business...
And we had a lot of fun!
The Darlings were completely in tack when we returned....actually most likely in better
shape than when we left...afterall the Grandparents S. were in charge for the week.
We returned in time for The Boy's game on Friday in Anamis, NM.
They did not win....but The Boy had an exceptional game!
We enjoyed the home...watching the LDS Conference. The Darlings each had a little paper to take notes...they were prepared to recieve the extra credit at school, that they were promised, if they watched each session. Oh how I love a church school!!!
Conference was fantastic....and it was just great to be home together!
So, last night The Boy brought me a pair of his pants.....brand new...and noticeably ripped.
Boy: "hey mom, can you fix these pants??"
Mom: "are these the new ones??"
Boy: "Yep"
Mom: "Explain please..."
Boy: "I spurred myself and it ripped my pants."
Mom: "wait...spurred yourself??? How does someone do that??"
And then he showed me the back of his thigh. And yes...a clear spur mark that ran about
6-8 inches down his leg. And I am exactly does that happen?
Boy: "The Muneca....(he changed his horses means doll) was bucking and so I got
worried and tried to throw myslef off of her, only my foot was caught in the stirrup.
I got loose and spurred myself on the way down."
Mom: "if The Muneca was acting up...shouldn't you have suprred her??"
and by this time I am laughing so hard, I had to sit down....
And now and I both know the only person who has successfuly spurred
himself instead of the animal he was riding....
You are welcome for the introduction!!

I have a birthday party to plan....#16....
Any ideas????
If it were up to her....well....we would be renting some sort of location
to have the party....and if it is up to will be held in our yard.
I am not sure we are ready for her to be 16 years old!

During conference yesterday one of the speakers shared a story about a cow that constantly
stretched her neck through the fence....that was protecting order to eat the wheat
that was growing on the otherside of the fence
. Eventually she broke through the fence....ate too much...bloated and died.
The speaker then said...
"the grass is not always greener on the otherside." And then The all of his wisdom said...
"that is not true!!.....the grass is always greener on the otherside of the fence."
"it is greener because all of the other cows haven't gotten to it yet and it is actually great grass!"
He got the point of the talk...he just figured that the speaker didn't have the perspective
of the cow.....and he did.

Cowboy Bob

A good laugh...but The Farmer couldn't understand why it was a joke...


Cathy said...

I got it!! (the joke!) Maybe you don't talk enough, Shelley! Can Preshie really be turning 16???? No way!!

Pedaling said...

i was pleasantly reading this lovely post and then it ended with a laugh!
hahaha...very funny.

and 16 wow!
She's so pretty...inside and out.

pj said...

Around here the 16th birthday always starts off with a date... with the parent. My boys had to take me on their first date and Chris took Wistie. Ciera is looking forward to hers this summer.... I think. Good luck. Wish we could be there. I'd give her a barbie! J/K. love ya. pj

Trisha said...

Love the joke. Reminded me of a sign that Bro. McClellan used to have at his home. It read: "Wife and dog are missing, reward for dog!" I was appalled at first until I got to know Bro. McClellan.
Gotta love that man!
At our house on their 16th birthday they got a hopechest. Tell her renting a special location will be about like claiming "the grass is greener on the other side". Remind her that there's no place like home!

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