September 29, 2010

I am here....Chicago.
We missed our anual trip this year because business was so crazy....but we postponed our tickets, with a promise from The Farmer that we would make the trip before it got cold.
Well....we are here....and it has gotten nippy in this lovely city.
Our trip began yesterday at 4:00 am when we left our home. We finally arrived in Chicago around 2:00 pm. We ate at a favorite spot....and I asked The Farmer....
"why does food taste better in Chicago???" he just laughed.
We are staying in a lovely little hotel....more on that later........ I have already laid
out my day. A little shopping.....and dinner with friends.
The Darlings sent their requests...tomorrow a show....more yummy food.
Ahhhhhhhhh.....I do love this place!
****p.s. A big thanks to the Grandparents S. who are in charge while we are away...I don't worry when they are in charge...they run a tight ship! and a big Happy Birthday, to my Darling Brother Ben...the well adjusted middle child! I love that guy!
Make it a ZTejas Birthday my Brother Ben!!!

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