To Convivir.....

September 27, 2010

The teenager cousins taught me a lesson late Friday night....around a large fire that they
had set down at the Solecito....this is what they said....
them:"why do our parents always want us to be at home watching a movie??"
me: "because they can SEE you and know that you are safe."
them: "well, we don't want to watch a movie...we want to convivir."
And then I got on the 4-wheeler and went home...leaving them to just enjoy being together....
that is what it means to CONVIVIR. As I left the cousin teenagers, I asked only one thing...
"please don't burn up the orchards or the beautiful cottonwood trees that line the river....PLEASE!" and they promised they wouldn't.
JSA Football games are a perfect example of what it means to convivir.
Friday afternoon we all met....parents, uncles, aunts, community members...and anyone
else who wanted to be the JSA football field for another home football game. It feels like we are on the road most weekends....following our is nice to enjoy a home game now and then. Both the JV and Varsity played...and both teams won. Although it was a hot day....
the stands were filled with loyal fans...cheering....visiting...and eating;)

The games were fun to watch.

Cousin moments were observed. The younger cousin played a great JV game.

And things were seen that have not been seen before.

Everyone had a wonderful afternoon.
The Rooster set up his pumpkin stand, and was blessed with a little success. He was
counting his change all the way home....He was a happy boy!
Our home was filled with teenagers Friday night...several stayed the night....
Early Saturday morning the group climbed on the 4-wheelers and headed for the Escondida Ranch. They spent the day eating steaks, swimming at the dam, and just being together.

Satudrday morning The Farmer and The Rooster headed to the Farm, and when they returned
the had a load of pumpkins...and a huge bag of potato chips that had just been made.
Oh wow! were they ever good. Along with the mobile lab...aka The Confession Trailer....we have another lab at the Farm where they potatoes are tested when they are harvested. This is one of the tests that is required....making potato chips!

Once home...The Rooster got busy and made his toppings for the sauce, Valentina...and lime and shared with anyone who stopped by. What I do know for sure is that
by Saturday night....the huge bag of chips was gone!
It was a weekend full of Convivir-ing.....
(I am pretty sure that is not a word......but you get what I mean.)
*Tomorrow I am on the road one of my MOST favorite places ever! I can't wait!


BarbaraJo said...

We would love to buy a pumpkin from Rooster if he is still selling them.

LaNae said...

Those chips look good! Isn't it so fun watching your own kids play football--and of course cheering!

Cathy said...

I love the word "convivir!" Someone asked me once "what would that be in English?" and there just isn't a word like it... maybe "hanging out" but that's not exactly right. Con-vivir means to "live together" hence "enjoying life together" ... or "enjoy each other" which is the best I can do to explain what "convivir" means! I love the word "convivencia" too... which is what the Mexican people use to discribe a social event, party or get together but there is just not an adequate word in Englis that gives the same warm feelings as "convivir and convivencia!" That's one of the reasons I love the Spanish language!

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