A Pony Named "Princess"

September 21, 2010

Her name is Corona...."Crown".....I call her Princess.
She is The Boy's new horse.
I like to call her princess because the thought of The Boy calling out the name "Princess"
while he is roping....just puts a smile on my face;) She is a young palomino....and he has
BIG plans for her! He purchased "Princess" from a dear friend....they have been friends since they were born. They are the same kind of young man....and so they understand each other.
The Boy's friend raises and trains horses and then sells them....to help with his family's expenses. His father is very ill and cannot work. That young man is an exceptional young man! I am grateful he and The Boy are such dear friends.
The Boy has always felt the absence of his Grandpa Max. That man was everything "cowboy" and then some. The Boy loves all the same things his Grandpa loved.....ranches....horses....boots....a good steak....cowboy hats...and roping.
The Boy often tells me that if his Grandpa Max were around....he would be will equipped with the cowboy items that he feels he is lacking;) ....more boots.....more hats....more horses...you get the idea. Grandpa Max actually gave The Boy his first horse ride...when he was 18 months old...and it happend to be the night before he died. Grandpa Max is missed around here. I think he would really like The Boy's new horse.

Okay...back to "Princess".....The Boy pleaded....The Farmer agreed and the horse was
purchased. Who knew that something so simple could make The Boy so giddy!
He was grinning from ear to ear for days.......
We drove to the nearby town to see the horse. She is a beauty!
She is still being trained....so it will be awhile until she comes home. The Farmer told
The Boy that owning a horse is just about like owning a car....a title should come along
with her. And so The Dear Friend....presented The Boy with his "title" of ownership
of the horse called Corona....or Princess...whatever works in the moment!


One giddy Boy!!!....and his Dear Friend.

new pics 082

The Farm is full of these at the moment....There is something really special about a pumpkin...I am not sure why but theyare really fun to have around. This year...there are small pumpkins and medium pumpkins...there are not two alike! Maybe we love the pumpkins so much, because they are sort of a symbol of the changing seasons. Our house is filling up with pumpkins....all shapes and sizes. The Darlings each have their own collections....

We do love a pumpkin around here!!!

new pics 083


Pedaling said...

your own little pumpkin patch.

so the beer is really called princess?
who knew?

this is so cool... I loved hearing about this new purchase and the happiness it brought...and I enjoyed the part about grandpa too!

family brings such strength to our souls!

The Farmer's Wife said...

Pedaling....another reason I choose to call her Princess!;)

LaNae said...

I wish things were changing here--weather wise. It was 109 on Sunday and Monday broke records too--hopefully the rest of this week gets better!

NatureGirl said...

What a beautiful blog you have here. Glad I stumbled upon you today...What a lovely (simply lovely) life you are leading!

Trisha said...

I miss "the boys" grandpa too. I think of him often with lots of fond memories.

Bethany said...

Sis...your blog cracks me up! My only complaint is that you don't update enough haha. (Daily would be nice!) Seeing all your pics makes me itchy for a visit. Are you coming up north any time soon? I love you!

Bethany said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cathy said...

I always think there is something special about kids who LOVE animals!
It shows they are caring and compasionate! Good for "The Boy!"

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