Varsity Football and The Boy....

September 17, 2010


Wow....Am I ever behind on bloggin! Life is busy these days...a good busy....but BUSY!
So....part 2 of the first away game of the season...Reserve NM.
The Varsity played very well....and WON their game! This was a very sweet win because,
1. Reserve has not been the best in the area of sportmanship.
*Last year their coach was a real piece of work....and the team played very dirty.
2. It was their Homecoming game!
*guess they invited us because they thought we would be an easy win...not the case!
3. The game was played on their own field.
*Last year we met half way in Silver City, NM.

The Varsity team is loaded with talented young men this year! Several of them played
and exceptional game. No major injuries to speak of....only Rancho...which turned out to be a charly horse...which we later determined...he was just really tired and needed a rest....and so he took it on the field;) Tempers did get a little heated at moments....The Boy
lost his temper for a moment after beling clipped from behind while recieving a pass.....
which.. p.s. the ref. chose not to notice the event....anyway.....
Aside from a little drama, the game was excellent and the team played well!

PreShie was showing support to #83...who will remain nameless;) He is a sweet young man who thinks Preshie is pretty great!

As a Mom, I am finding so much joy in watching my children have great experiences!
It is a complete pleasure for me to follow matter how see them participate in
sports, cheer...or whatever it may be. I really appreciate that they allow me to share in these experience with them.
I not only love them....I really LIKE them!

I am still not sure what happened to the ref. something about his knees....I felt kind of bad to take a picture....but it was one of those moments that needed to be photographed. By the way...he got right up and finished the game with any problem. The Boy felt a little bad because he said...."that guy was the nice one." We spent from 12:00 noon until 5:30 pm in the sun...watching football and cheerleaders. We left sunburned, but happy!
Late that night we got the news that my niece had been in a very serious 4 wheeler accident in Northern Arizona. Her injuries were so serious, I didn't sleep much that night, fearing we would get another terrible phone call.
Thankfully she is doing so well, and will fully recover from her injuries.
The last several days have been full of learning experiences. I have learned that honesty is rare.
DisHonesty seems to be the norm these days. It seems to be ever present and accepted.
Secret Combinations....still is difficult to find people who are willing to stand for what is right.
Having said one is perfect...we all have room to improve, including myself.
Another random note....I have watched two young men prepare to leave on missions this past week, one actually reported to the MTC yesterday. That particular young man is the son of a dear friend of mine named can find her HERE......I watched her boy make some tough decisions last year...decisions where he had to choose between friends he loved, and doing what was right. He chose well! I gained a deep respect for that young man, and his friends love him dearly and respect him for being strong when they chose not to be. He will be an amazing missionary! I had the chance to visit with him the night before he left....I could see in his eyes that he was prepared to embark on this next phase of his life. He was ready! He is a great tribute to a wonderful Mother who taugh him well. She has taught him by example. The second young man will leave next week. He too is changing right before our eyes....maturing. Last night, during a cookout at our house, he came into the kitchen and asked if he could do anything to help me clean isn't something he would have done a few weeks ago....but last night I saw in his eyes a tenderness I have not seen before. He too is ready! Last week at the football games, after their win...the Varsity kneeled together on the football field, to sing "The Army of Heleman" it is always a touching moment to witness....I caught a glimpse of that same young man....sheding tears as his friends sang....he knew that it was his turn to serve and this is the moment that he had been preparing for, for most of his life. At that moment...he knew....he was ready!
Again....a wonderful week of learning and always through hard experience the Lord blesses us with sweet experiences. We are blessed!!


Cathy said...

It is now my mission to figure out who #83 is! I am a sucker for a teenage romance!

Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

Now, you are making me cry again! Thank you so much for your sweet comments, FW. And what you said about the tall skinny boy made me cry, too. How sweet that he shed tears watching his teammates sing that song. That always gets to me. :)

Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

Wait, I'm confused. Is The Boy not number 11 anymore? Now I am going to have to learn a new number? Arghh, so much to remember!

Trisha said...

The "miracle of the mission". I love everything about it. From preparing to go, to coming home. A magical transformation takes place. You are in the preparing mode and will start experiencing it little by little. As hard as it is, wouldn't change it for the world.

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