Dear Rooster.......

September 6, 2010

Riley-Rooster Boy,

I realize that sometimes you come home from football feeling like this little ol Rooster and you want to give up... but just like the bird in the picture, keep your head up and walk with pride...this is the process of how you become strong!!!

Never, Ever give up!
Dad (aka. The Farmer

*Found in my email this morning....The Farmer copied me on a note he sent to his boy...The Rooster. Football has been a challenge for him, but he is sticking to it! We love that Rooster!


Pedaling said...

I got to meet the rooster in real life.

and I really liked him.

Hang in there Rooster!

Best Wishes, Marie said...

"act as if ...." seems to be that bird's mantra. we could all learn something.

some days, you just have to hold that head high and start one of the items on the "to do" list.

JZM said...

Ha ha. Love that picture. Did you take that of one of your own roosters, or did Pres. find it on the internet?

Mindy said...

Oh man, I don't play football but sometimes motherhood feels like I've been hit by a few linebackers. I needed this today.

sandyseashells said...

love the Rooster.
Keep on 'Strut in'!

Jan T. said...

I have the same situation...the older son (CJ) who is awesome at football and then the younger son (Carson) who is just strugglin' to make it through....hangin' on for dear life!:) That's some good advice from the Farmer!:) It's hard on mom to sit by and watch, huh?

Cathy said...

Man.. I remember those first few weeks of football! The little boys come home beat up, exhausted, and with very sore muscles!! Frank used to say" It's good for them! It makes them too tired to get into trouble!" Hang in there, Riley Rooster!

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