It's The Day I've Been Dreading....

August 30, 2010

The day I have been dreading....for the past 17 years has arrived.
It was the first day of school for the Senior Boy.
That means...the countdown has begun! I am doing my best not to burst into tears as I type.
I used to make The Darlings promise me.....when they were small....that they wouldn't leave me.
I know what you are I am!
Don't get me wrong...there ARE moments that I wouldn't feel too bad if The Boy were to move on....but they are few. Mostly I find myself thinking the days he was darling and small. And he needed The Farmer and me. I have been recounting stories that begin like this....
"remember when you were six....."
"remember that time that you rode your big wheel to The Farmer's office...."
and each story is followed by a sigh.......
How did it happen so dang fast??? I guess I thought it would last a little longer. Not too much "family planning" went into The Darlings...they pretty much arrived when they wanted too. What that means that they will also leave as quickly as they came....and all together.
It would be so great to have a little more time...but I can tell....he is ready.
He is ready to begin the life journey that will be will begin with a mission for our church,
that will last for two years. Right now....we are soaking up every moment...and I do mean every moment! Every football game.....every basketball get the idea.
And in quiet moments.....I cry.



PreShie is headed for a wonderful year! She has set some great goals....she is participating in cheer.....she is full of excitement and hope for a super year.
And....she is darn cute!!! (I can say that cuz I am the Mom!!!)
I like that PreShie alot!!


The Rooster feels....about school....just like he looks in this picture!
Not at all excited about "school" but very excited about his friends/cousins, that he rides
the bus with everyday. He is off to a great start as an 8th grader....after one week of school....
his backpack is still clean and organized!!! Horray!!!
He is playing football.....but is really looking forward to being on the golf team which will
begin in the Spring. In his free moments...he is riding his horse and dreaming of a new set of golf clubs....and new spurs!!! That Rooster is the BEST!!!
He is very close to earning his Eagle Scout award....and hoping that he will be getting a new IPod once his scouting duties are complete!
He is a gentle and kind...and the thing he hates the the taking
care of the chickens! But...those chickens do love him!!

The begining of the end......
(atleast the end of high school!)
Sigh.................tears...................more tears...........


Bethany said...

Oh Hermana...A new phase of life is beginning! It will be so fun to see what the children do in the next few years. Things they are a-changin' a good way haha! Love you!

Beth at Aunties said...

I so understand your thoughts and feelings. The years seem to slip by which actually are wonderful! Especially when they are doing so many things which are so GOOD and righteous. Your son is a wonderful example for the Rooster to follow! You can tell he is an awesome example to AL those around him. I can tell you I have never had the hole in my heart completely heal from sending our 4 children on missions. It still brings tears streaming down my face.
We actually had our only daughter and a son in the MTC together, but I promise you the blessings are incredible! Just like with your Peach orchard, the blessings seem to just rain from the heavens.
So even though your heart is saddened this part of his life is about to end a very wonderful new part is about to start!!! I hope his senior year is the very best for him and for you as you watch him continue to succeed. You have taught him well!
(We have only this one last year of dental school and then all 3 of our sons will have become a doctor! I know this was not even in any of our thought processes before they served their missions and decided while out in the field they wanted to spend the rest of their lives helping and serving others.:)
I know this comment is long...I just want to say I am grateful I found your blog. You and your family inspire me! And I thought of you when we were in Montpelier, Idaho this weekend trying to find a birthday cake for our litttle grandson who turned 1 year old on our first family reunion in Bear Lake, with just us and 18 of our children and grandchildren. I also had to have a raspberry shake after reading about yours which jogged many cherished memories:)
Just enjoy this year and make wonderful memories while taking every chance to cement tetimonies with all three of your darlings.

Chris said...

I hear you! It is a very emotional rollercoaster when they are seniors. Just looking on the bright side, it DOES NOT get easier!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris said...
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Mindy said...

Thanks for helping me remember to hold on to every moment and enjoy the season that I'm in with my children. Such great pics.
p.s. I count six lunch bags. Do the Darlings get double lunches? :) lucky darlings.
Maybe the 2nd one is filled with those amazing looking peaches.

The Farmer's Wife said...

The six lunch bags really were lunches....3 for The Darlings and for friends who needed lunches that week;)

Kara& Bert said...

Did you really follow him on the bus for that last picture? Hahaha That is something I would totally do! If You figure out how to make it stop growing up let me know! PS Great Chile Thanks

Kara& Bert said...

Did you really follow him on the bus for that last picture? Hahaha That is something I would totally do! If You figure out how to make it stop growing up let me know! PS Great Chile Thanks

Pedaling said...

Maybe he'll just stay home with you till he's 30.

It is sad. I totally get how you feel.

Alice Wills Gold said...

My 14 month old is really testing me lately, and I find myself fantasizing about the day she will be headed to school.

I didn't know you were codependent too. LOL

WOW, i need to enjoy my kids more. Thanks for the reminder.

Alice Wills Gold said...

Oh, and maybe you could start making my kids some lunch and send them up to TN, since you are in the market and codependent and all. :)

Jeff's Wife! said...

... and what a handsome Senior he is! Preshie really is a beauty. It was so fun to see your kids this summer, all grown-up and mature!

Cathy said...

I feel your pain! When Darron (my baby graudated) I thought my life was over! I forced Frank to "take me on a mission" so that I would not have to face being home alone! But let me tell you... somehow you adjust and even begin to like being "on your own!" I wouldn't go back there again if I could! I guess that's the plan... for us to enjoy each stage of life we are in!

Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

Did you actually GET on the bus to get that shot? Wow, you are the dedicated photographer! You kids are precious!

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