August 19, 2010

The Rooster doesn't like very many different types of food....you could say that he is a "picky"
eater. The other two Darlings will eat anything and everything, so this has been pretty hard for The Rooster's Mom. We are a vegetable lovin', vegetable growin' family and The Rooster will rarely eat veggies. He is a little better with fruit...I am guessing it is because most fruits are sweet...and The Rooster has a SWEET tooth!!
Before we left for Utah....we planted a lovely garden. I knew that we wouldn't get to enjoy
too much from the garden this summer, because we would be gone. Anyway, it just didn't seem right, not to plant the garden and so we did. We came home to yummy squash, and lots of okra, which we love! The tomatoes and green beans had passed. Oh well....
One afternoon, while helping me in the garden, The Rooster discovered a vine that was growing in the corner of the garden. I am not a fan of a vine and typically don't plant them inside the garden because they usually take over, growing all over the other plants and making a mess. After carefully inspecting the vine, The Rooster announced that it was in fact a watermelon, and there were two baby watermelons attached, so would I please leave the vines so they could grow. I agreed, and honestly forgot about the watermelon.....Until Sunday afternoon. The Rooster
was looking for somthing to keep him busy....after church and lunch....I was preparing for my
beloved Sunday afternoon nap ;)......when he entered the house carring the watermelon. It was the perfect size and it was beautiful. Now, watermelon is something that The Rooster LOVES!
He immediately wanted to cut it and taste it. I sugggested that he give it a chance to cool off and that we would cut it after "nap" time;) And so I retreated to my bedroom.


When I awoke this is what I found.....The Rooster's idea of cooling off the watermelon.


On the other side board....everything ready for the first slice...
Salt....Lemon....Tajin chile...a Knife.....a Plate.......
He was ready to go!

And so we cut it.
It made the perfect cracking noise when the knife when in, and juice spilled out all
over the counters. You can just imagine his excitement..
..until.....he tasted it.
It was bitter, it was white inside....it was terrible!
And The Rooster burst into tears! Everything he had hoped and dreamed about had just
ended....and not in a good way. The poor guy!

158 And so we sliced up that nasty watermelon, put it into the "chicken/compost" bowl and carried
it out to the chickens.....

They were thrilled....and ate every piece of that watermelon up!
A happy ending to a not so happy story....
I am guessing that last year....as we were composting with the chickens...a watermelson seed
went deep into the soil and grew to be a large plant this year.
That is why the watermelon was pretty nasty...


Cedar said...

That is to funny.... we had a similar experience at our house but it was Heath who was so thrilled to slice open the big beautiful watermelon. He cut it open only to find it white inside...and pumpkin seeds.... yep, it was a pumpkin! Didn't even think to feed it to our little chickens though! Poor Rooster!

Pedaling said...

and it looked so pretty on the outside....Dang.

Why is it that there's nothing better than a Sunday nap?

I've never tried lime on a watermelon, but it sounds tasty!

maybe next year you all could plant a real watermelon seed for the rooster, vine and all, and make him a happy boy!

Jarmeg Family said...

We had a watermelon plant too- couldn't wait to pick it but were filled with disappointment like you. it was nasty and looked a lot like yours!

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