The Lord's Peaches...

August 26, 2010

(The Harvest - Part #2)
Yesterday afternoon, I entered the house...was greeted by The the door
"If you are going to get some great pictures of the peaches....we have got to go now!" he said.
I grabbed my camera and we jumped in the truck, headed to Uncle Gordon's orchard. On the way, The Farmer explained that the peaches were nearly the size of a softball and they were beautiful. "You won't be disappointed...I promise" he said.

We arrived at the isn't too far from our home and that Farmer knew what he was talking about! The peaches were huge and beautiful!
Uncle Gordon is a dearly family friend. His orchards are some that his father owned years and years ago. He has kept them as sort of a tribute to his father. The Farmer has cared for Uncle Gordon's orchards for years and they never really produced too well. It seemed it was always one problem or another. That is until two years ago. Uncle Gordon decided that he would give all the proceedes from one of the orchards, to our church, to support missionaries serving full time missions. And at the moment....very literally....the orchards began to produce.
We began to call the peaches...."The Lord's Peaches"..... and miracles started to happen.
An orchard that for years had suffered with problem after problem, was now producing some of the most beautiful peaches we have ever seen....and LOTS of them!
When the Lord has purposes to be fulilled....He will provide the way.



The trees are soooo loaded with fruit, that several branches have broken
under the weight of the peaches.


"The Lord's Peaches"
Prettiest peaches in town!!


Ben said...

That is tremendous! Great photos, as always. I thought maybe it was Nacho Libre reference for a minute, like the "Lord's Cheeps"

Beth at Aunties said...

They are absolutely gorgeous! I love the story about The Lord's Peaches. We can never give him too much in building His kingdom here on Earth without it coming back tenfold...or more. Love it!

I sure would love one right now..mmm.:-)

Jan T. said... the Lord's makes me teary-eyed just thinking about it!

Pedaling said...

Holy Smokes!
those are beautiful to go along with the beautiful story.
Also, I love how the Farmer gets you moving "If you are going to get some GREAT PICTURES of the peaches..."
He knows your language! ;)

Mindy said...

Man alive. I thought they looked delicious before I read the story. Now they look twice as tasty. What a great post.
and beautiful pics btw.

sandyseashells said...

yum. those look beautiful.

Cathy said...

Love this post! What a testimonial! Our boys had "missionary blocks"... the area of the orchard dedicated to pay for their mission! When Brandon was on his mission one year most of our fruit froze but his "missionary block" was loaded! It was absolutely amazing! Good for Gordon! A great way to serve the Lord... supporthing His missionaries! Love it!

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