August 1, 2010

We hadn't really planned to go to Yellowstone, but that is where we ended up.
And that my friends, is traveling with The Farmer.
While at The Ranch, in Idaho, The Farmer announced that we were going to head to
Yellowstone Park, and why not.....we were pretty close by. So we left Idaho, drove
for several hours and arrived in Jackson Hole a little late, but in time for The Boy to
see some friends of his who are working there for the summer.
We found a hotel....quite possibly the last one in town....and settled down
for the night. The next morning, we headed for Yellowstone. We passed through the
Grand Teton National Park, which was amazing. The weather was great!
We along with a few thousand other folks....arrived at Yellowstone mid-morning and we
must have stopped 10 or 15 times to admire the scenery until we realized that
around every corner it was equally as beautiful. Even though the evidence of the terrible
forest fire, from a few years back, is present, you would hardly notice it through the
amazing re-growth that is taking place.

We headed to Old Faithful, and were lucky enough to see it work it's magic, twice.
The second time, we were sitting in front of the Beehive Geyser, just a few hundred yards
away from Old Faithful.....Just as old Faithful ended.....the Beehive began. To be right next
to it was amazing!

We discovered, the next day, that The Farmer's brother Uncle J. and his family were watching
Old Faithful, right at the same time we were, just a few hundered yards away, and we
didn't even know that each other was there.


Much to The Darlings delight....(not really).....we hiked to a location called Fairy Falls.
It ended up being a little longer of a hike than we anticipated......
The day was hot.....we all got a little sunburned....and thirsty.
When we finally arrived....(along with a few other hikers).....The Rooster yelled out....
"This is it??????......we hiked all that way to see THIS?????"
"There is nothing extra-ordinary about this!!!!"
And then he proceeded to climb the side of a mountain and sit and wait for us to finish
admiring the beautiful falls.
And then we headed back.....5 miles up.....5 miles back.

On the way out of Yellowstone the same evening, we had commented to each other,
that we had really missed seeing wildlife. I had expected bears to come to the car and Moose
to be wandering amongst the tourists....
Luckily we were able to see a few Elk on our way out. Another interesting converstation heard
in the car while we were exiting the park.....
The Farmer...."that has got to be the biggest squirrel I have ever seen!....I mean really it is must be fed well by the!"
The Boy....."Dad..(with a bit of disgust in his voice..)...that was a beaver...."


Another fun thing about Yellowstone, was watching the people enjoy the beautiful park,
and the animals. Traffic jams were common in the evening...people actually left their running
cars to capture a picture of the beautiful wildlife. There was joy in the faces of the
adults and children who were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the
fantastic animals. It was a lovely day in Yellowstone Park!



LaNae said...

That looks beautiful! We went to Yosemite this year and it was very crowded too.

JZM said...

Love your pictures Shelley! Sounds like you had a fun summer and were gone out of town longer than we were! :)

Pedaling said...

I never tire of seeing wildlife up close and personal.
how'd they all like that sulfur smell?

Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

Love that picture of the girl! I love, Yellowstone, too. I always imagined what the people who discovered it must have imagined!

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