Dinner And A Show....

August 21, 2010

(This one is for you...Auntie)
During our recent trip to Utah we ate out way too much! (Just thought I should admit that.)
Anyway...we had so many great friends and family to connect up with, and it was usually done around food.
And can I just say....I loved every bite!!
One lovely Provo evening, Uncle Tom and Aunt Charli invited us to meet at
"the best kept secret in Provo Utah".....that is what they called it. It was off the beaten path a bit.....
easy to miss....in fact the directions to get there involved the local Maverick gas station...you get my point. It was Chinese food, and if you know The Farmer...you know that Chinese food speaks to his soul. Friends and cousins gathered, several tables were combined so that we could all sit together....men at one end....women at the other....(just the way we like it!)
...and Uncle Tom ordered the food, after all.....he said he had basically eaten everything on the menu atleast once, so he would know what to order. The restuarant was not fancy...but was obviously owned and operated by three generations of a sweet Chinese family. They had sectioned off one part of the dining room for their family area. Just as our food began to arrive, they too began their evening ritual of the family dinner, including small children, parents, uncles, and grandparents. It was a delight to watch. One young member of the family was about 6-7 years old. A sweet, chubby little boy who had just had his evening bath and was wearing his PJ's.....shorts and a matching t-shirt.....about 3 sizes too small as evidenced by the inevitable wedgie;) His Mother was spoon feeding him so lovingly when he stood up from the table and began his martial arts routine. He executed every move with precision! Chopping motions into the air....karate' kicks.....the works.
Every once in a while as he would pass his Mother....doing his karate' moves....she would spoon his dinner quickly into his mouth as he continued the routine.
As we were enjoying this moment from across the room,
Auntie leaned over to me and said...."WOW, it's dinner AND .....a show!"
We laughed and laughed and laughed! That Auntie has a pretty great sense of humor.
So, this one is for you Auntie....dinner AND a show....Mexico Style....


I don't know about your kids....but The Darlings become hungry the moment we set out on the road for a trip. Even if they had just eaten before we left the house. Especially The Rooster.
There is a little stop along the road to El Paso, that The Farmer and The Rooster really enjoy in a place called "Entronque". It is a place that sells burritos and gorditas. In fact, the entire little town sells gorditas --the entire main road is lined with vendors carrying ice chests full of burritos and gorditas (by the way they fling the ice chests in front of your car to get your attention you would think they were selling ice chests). The Farmer has eaten at most of the little stores and on the street but he still swears that "The Guero" is the best.
(they have clean restrooms which is always a plus....and a rarity in Mexico).
This little man, above, is always there, and The Farmer always orders the same thing.
Two things you can always count on.
The little man will play you a tune on his guitar...which I might add is terribly out of tune...he can produce a trumpet sound with his lips and sing(?) and he has also taped a clock on the front of his guitar so that you...at any given moment...may check to see the time. He also carries a small can...so that you can "show your appreciation" when he is done with his song. He also takes requests!
I am sure that you can imagine his delight when The Farmer invited him outside so that we could take his picture in front of his place of work! The Farmer gave him a little extra "thank you" for allowing us to photograh him;) We all returned to the car, each with their own "favorite" morsel and we continued on our way....a few minutes passed and The Farmer said...
Our singing friend....his guitar....and can...

The Farmer's favorite of all time burrito.... the Mole' Burrito.
He also loves the...Rajas con Queso...(green chile strips and cheese).
Just as small tip....if you plan to eat the Rajas con Queso...while you are diving...you will need to keep a plastic bag over the bottom end of the burrito...it is quite juicy! Eating a burrito while diving is an art! Just ask The Farmer....the bag is a must! (either that or bring an extra shirt to change into when you are done eating).
The tortillas for the burritos are made fresh while you wait,
(extra yum!)

The Rooster's favorite is....Papa's con Queso...(potatoes with cheese...and a little chile)
He has been known to eat 2....3.....at a time, (That is alot for The Rooster!)

Dinner....AND.....a Show......Mexico Style!


Trisha said...

Mole is also my favorite and Dana's is the rajas con queso. I can tell I have been missing out not going inside with Dana to order. If you know me very well, you know I rarely need a potty stop so I always just wait in the car. You can believe that next time through I will go inside for "dinner and a show!"

Bethany said...

I meeeess you, sister! Your post made me hungry...for chinese and a gordita haha!

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