The Harvest......part #1

August 25, 2010

The harvesting began last week.
It hasn't been a year without fact....The Farmer said, that about everything that could possibly go wrong....went wrong. Water shortage....broken equipment you name it. Often
"farming karma" doesn't bless you two years in a row, and that was the case this year. But we are grateful that there are SOME potatoes to harvest...
........we had just hoped that there would be a few more;)

The days have been long and hot.....and HUMID!

It is hard work to gather the potatoes as they are pulled out of the ground by the tractors....

The Farmer purchased a consession trailer while we were in Utah and turned it into a mobile
potato lab. He REALLY likes that potato lab! As the potatoes are harvested they are tested for starch levels, viruses, and checked for damage or any type of rot. In order to test, the
potatoes have to be fried. So fresh chips are made in the fields all day long. The Farmer his truck....salt, lemon and Valentina chile, so that he too can make sure the potatoes are in good condition! It makes a trip to the fields a little more enjoyable.


Every evening the clouds gather, and are beautiful!
The contrast of the blue sky and the fluffy white clouds is amazing!
We have enjoyed evening thunderstoms the last several weeks, it has been a treat.
It is such a beautiful time of year, we are enjoying the "fruits" of the harvest literally.
Our meals are loaded with peaches....apples...and anything else that may be growing at the moment! I do love summer!

A side note.....
Very close to one of the potato The "Lake" Ranch.
It belonged to The Farmer's Father.
It now belongs to one of The Farmer's brothers, and a times he is kind enough to allow
The Boy keep his horses there. It is a pretty ranch....especially at this time of year!


Alexa Mae said...

these pictures kill me! you have an amazing talent and take amazing pictures. i want to live there! that's what your post always make me say in my head. will you adopt me?

Alice Wills Gold said...

Oh my goodness. I will never look at potatoes the same. WOW! I LOVE that shot. So awesome.

I couldn't help but think of my mom's simple prayers growing up and her constant reminder. Please pray for the Mexicans that work in the fields. I am not totally certain WHY she felt so connected with them in CA but she did. And it helps me appreciate their hard labors.

But, not as much as that photo of those potatoes. WOW!

I love your blog.

Best Wishes, Marie said...

i love the pictures of the women in their colorful clothing. i remember some of them from your postings at this time last year.

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