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September 25, 2010

(Caution....Photo Overload!)
The 16th of September is the Independence Day for Mexico....this year Mexico celebrated
200 years of freedom. The Darlings enjoyed 3 days out of school, and the celebrations in Mexico were very big. Fireworks....gun shots....parades....more gun shots....parties into the night and the days to follow. We decided that a trip into the mountains would be way we would celebrate. We planned.....the family gathered....and only two hours past our departure goal....we left for the mountains. A new highway is being built that makes getting into the mountain communities much easier. It is not yet complete, but even the part that is complete, makes a big difference in travel time.

With just our immediate family....we had four very loaded trucks....a load of children...a load of teenagers...a dog....and more extended family joined us a little later in the day.


The view was amazing....the gun shots on the sign???......normal.

We were able to see the grooves in the rocks that were made from pioneer wagons entering the area...a hundred years ago. It is really a humbling sight to see.


You have the chance to see things, in the mountains....that you would not see anymore. The corn that is strung and hung to dry on this barn, was also grown in ground that was plowed by a horse and watered with rain. They do not have irrigation...they depend upon the rain to water their crops.
I love this barn....our dear friend Art calls it "the barn of my dreams."
Again, a remnant of the early pioneers that established this mountain colony.


The teenagers didn't think they would have a fun fact they tried really hard to get out of going on the trip. Thanks to some very determined parents....these teenager cousins had
a great time! Everyone in the picture is a cousin except for one young man.


Our family and extended family...sharing a very yummy lunch!


The little children cousins played and played in the stream.

I really like him!!!

PreShie, spent most of the trip taking pictures....


The men prepared stir-fry for lunch. There was quite a discussion on how exactly the stir-fry should be prepared....the men told the women to step aside and they would take care of the stir-fry. The women retreated and the food was wonderful!!


Some people....The Rooster....who do not eat vegetables...constructed their own "burritos"
for lunch. Can you say Yum??


We ate alot of garden fresh tomatoes....passing the salt shaker along with the tomatoes.

This dog smiled all day long!


Our family and extended family.
It was great to have Uncle Merriner and Aunt Winnie with us...along with Uncle Rick, Aunt Lynnette, and also Uncle Tony's family. It was a wonderful day and a treat to
spend a little time in Colonia Pacheco.
I hope that when The Darlings are adults, they will remember this day with fondness. That they will remember how blessed they are to be a part of a strong family, who loves them.
I hope that they will remember the sacrifice that was made by those who came before us.


..... said...

We love Pacheo too. It is our mini-vacation spot.

Cathy said...

I really missed out!! Frank played in a golf tournament that day and I was too lazy to go by myself! Your pictures are beautiful Shelley! (as always!)

Pedaling said...

all these things will be remembered and treasured in the years to come.
great pics and look at preShie following in your mad camera skills, tradition

Trisha said...

Wish I had been in town that week. I for sure would have joined you. I love a great camping adventure.

Chris said...

It's always good to go up to my "Roots"! Beautiful pictures Shelley. It was a very fun day!

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