JV Football And The Rooster....

September 14, 2010

Last Thursday we began our journey....and journey it was.....to the first away game of the football season. Reserve New Mexico was the destination. The Darlings each boarded a bus,
the cheerleaders and the JV team rode together, and the Varsity team took another bus.
The night before, The Darlings made a visit to the community store, "La Manzana Verde" to equip themselves with what they call a "lunch." What it looked like to me, was a bunch of junk!
With the "lunch" purchased, bags packed...football gear washed... they began the drive.
Reserve, New Mexico, is in the middle of no-where, located about 5 hours from where we live.
Thursday, the teams made it to Silver City, NM. They checked into the hotel, had a little dinner,
made a visit to the local Walmart and settled down for the night.....sort of.
The next morning....Friday...after a tasty breakfast at the hotel....they headed to Reserve,
another 1 1/2 hours away. I followed along with the buses and enjoyed the scenery!
It is a beautiful drive.
I found myself stopped along the side of the road....many times....taking pictures;)

The JV played first.....and scored a touch down on the first play.
It was a great game! They won.....they were happy!

The Varsity Cheerleaders even did a few cheers for the JV. Afterall, 4 of the cousins were on the team....and 3 of the cheerleaders were their sisters!
It was the least they could do....don't ya think???

Cousins Jackson....Max...The Rooster....and David....
with Uncle Dan as one of their coaches.

The winning Lobos!

The Rooster has now had his first away game....been tackled by a boy 3-4 times his size....
and lived to tell! It is going to be a great football season!
Way to go Rooster!!

*Just one of the pictures that were taken along the side of the road....
The sunflowers were beautiful!!!


LaNae said...

Wow--sometimes I wish we lived in a town where you know everyone--instead Clay's freshman football team has around 70 players and I don't know most of them! Great pictures!

Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

I love the second to last picture!

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