After The First Step....Expect Swelling...

December 15, 2010

He took the first step, on Monday to be exact, on his "missionary path."
And that first step HURT!
The Boy and 25 of his dear friends, in his school class, will leave on their missions next year,
some as early as June. Since there are so many preparing for their missions at the same time,
The Farmer called a dear friend of our comunity, who is an oral surgeon. The Farmer told
him about these fine young men and how they all needed their wisdom teeth removed.
The Dr. quickly agreed to come to Mexico and spend 5 days treating these future
missionaries. What an amazing man that Dr. is! He not ony drove all the way from Utah
to serve these boys, he charged almost nothing for the surgery of each boy.
The Boy found himself in the dental chair on Monday morning.
He said he wasn't scared. He got mad at his Dear Mother, for asking;)
He was more stressed about not eating for awhile, than he was about getting his teeth out.
Well, his Dear Mother knew what was ahead...and he did not...and so she smiled when
he said things like..."it isn't that big of a deal..."

When we arrived at the clinic. The Boy was all smiles!


When we went inside, The Boy found his dear friend Andre...who was...not quite himself;)
We had some laughs, and The Boy made sure that Andre was safely placed in the car,
so his Mom could get him home..... after a few more laughs of course,

After the Dr. reviewed The Boy's x-ray, he suggested that all four wisdom teeth be removed.
He also mentioned that it was going to be a little rough, and he would have to work
pretty hard to get the bottom teeth out. The Boy problem...and off he went to sleep.
The two top teeth were easily removed, and just as the Dr. was to begin working
on the lower teeth, the lights went out! Yes they did!!!
And this is where we shout...
The Farmer was called...the electriction was sent to the clinic, and luckily
another man from our community happened to be there, and the lights were restored.
While this was all going on...The Boy had awakened from his deep sleep,
the waiting room had filled with people...the next appointments for the good Dr.
which happened to be friends of The Boy....and The Boy insisted on joining the group
in the waiting room. Let's just say...he was very heavily medicated...but he felt great,
and he wanted to socialize. I told him....very clearly that he should probably not talk,
afterall, who knew what would come out of his mouth! Well, he didn't take my advice,
and he just chatted and chatted with everyone in the room. His mouth was filled with gauze
so his speech was muffled...but he felt great! He mentioned several times that he felt so
good, he was going to get his horse and go for a ride. Next he planned a hunting trip,
with one of the friends in the room....who was not medicated....that was pretty good fun!
Luckily, the lights came back on...the Dr. escorted The Boy, back to "the chair" and the event
continued. A little while later, The Boy emerged from the room...asked for the keys to the car,
because he wanted to drive home, and handed me the teeth that had been pulled.
He also mentioned that he had plans to make a necklace with the teeth that I now
held in my hand. And he wasn't kidding!

We stopped on the way home to get some pain medication.
And once home....he positioned himself in the recliner, with ice packs....his Ipod....
the computer and all the remotes he could find. It was a rough afternoon, but by
evening he ate a little and checked his horses. It was about then that the vet. stopped by,
to check one of the horses that has had an ear infection. What he discovered was a little more
than we had expected. The Boy's beloved "Caballero" has a tumor growing in his ear canal.
The Vet. took a sample of the tumor to send for testing, but did not offer too much hope.
It was alot for The Boy to handle, especially when he wasn't feeling too good.
We will know more in a week, but just the thought of his dear horse suffering is making
The Boy very sad.

When The Boy awoke the following morning....Tuesday....the swelling had set in.
Today, it is even a little more swollen than yesterday. He is hurting but he has
said, several times, that it is all worth it. He has taken the first step on a path that
will most certainly change his life! We are excited for our Boy!!


Matt Skinner said...

He doesn't appear to have swelled up like you did.

Me... said...

Oh goodness, I got a good giggle from this post! The lights went out, seriously sad, but sooo funny! And I'm assuming the good Doctor is Dr. Bluth who also removed my wisdom teeth when he was in Mexico. He is a wonderfully good and generous man! I got a little swollen like the Boy, but nothing a good consome from Don Pepe's didn't do to help me feel better! Oh, we got your darling Christmas card... so cute! Yours is in the mail!

LaNae said...

We are just trying to find someone to pull Chantz's out. What a fun Christmas vacation!

Pedaling said...

the medication/tooth part of this story was funny. my son had his out earlier this year and he to kept saying over and over again, "I Feel Good!!" funny

April Perry said...

Hi Rachelle! It looks like you've got some fun things going on there with your family. I hope you're doing well. I haven't heard from you in awhile and wanted to check in briefly. We're doing some restructuring at The Power of Moms, and we're going to be phasing the "Brilliant Books" section into our 12 Powers of Motherhood. If you'd still like to be involved with The Power of Moms, we'd love to have you, but if you need to step off the board, we understand. Will you send me a quick email at april (at) Thanks!

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