Only 360 Days To Go.....

December 31, 2010


It seems that before Christmas ends....I am thinking and planning for the next Christmas.
I do love every moment of the Christmas Season. I set up the trees before we
left to Mesa for Thanksgiving. I decorated them when we came home. I discovered that
The Rooster doesn't forget a thing and is the greatest assistant EVER on decorating the tree.
He loves Christmas just like I do!
Our "Santa"tree is in the family room, where we spend a great part of our time. It is full of red
and gold balls, and all things "Santa."
It also holds large letters representing each of our children.

This (above) is my ALL TIME favorite ornament! If anything ever happened to this ornament
I think my heart would break in two. I am pretty sure The Darlings understand this
very well....when this ornament comes out...they guard it carefully.
It is the literal hand print of our Angel Colton. It is a little part of him that is present with us
each year during the holidays.

My camera quit working!
After trouble shooting with the was decided that it needed to be retired.
I could have cried. I was left with a camera that I do not love and I have not taken
the time to learn how to use. So...the pictures of The Boy's last Christmas at home....before
his mission are blury......Really???? Why now??
I did order/upgrade to another should be arriving soon,
The Boy was gifted with luggage and a camera for his upcoming mission. It seemed kind of
rude to give those things to him for Christmas...but The Farmer assured me that these
were the perfect gifts for him at this time of his life. On Christmas morning The Boy,
looked over his gifts and said...."This is really sad." And I burst into tears.....
The Rooster ran to get tissues and PreShie rolled her eyes.....
The Farmer looked confused and carried on with Christmas morning. Speaking of The Boy,
he is recovering...very slowly....from having his wisdom teeth pulled. He ended up
with a bad case of "dry sockets" and visits our dentist every three days for treatment. After
some very very painful nights and days....he seems to be doing better.
The Rooster was very pleased with his Christmas. He is spending his vacation days riding
his horse...Bronze....which he has learned to saddle on his own, (that is a big thing!)
I love to see how The Darlings care for their pets, especially the horses...with such care
and love. I love to watch the horses respond so well to them.
PreShie too enjoyed her Christmas. I will write about her a little more in depth later.
Her gift requires a bit of construction, which will being on Monday.

What exactly do you gift The Farmer that he hasn't already purchased at the latest auction??
So I thought he would enjoy a photo book on the potato season. Turns out it was a great gift
for him. The Boy also received a photo book on his years of football at the JSA.
His book took nearly a year to make, and I am certain that although fun how, there will be a
day that it will be a great treasure to him. I also made a photo book for Grandpa S. about
The Ranch, in southern Idaho, where he grew up. We made a trip there this past Summer.
I left it for him at Thanksgiving, wishing that I could be with him when he opened it up.
early Christmas morning, he called....very tell me how much he loved the book!
How thrilled I was that it pleased him so much. Photo books are the best!!

The Rooster made this sweet tree for me in his welding class at school.
He loves to weld.....he even asked if we could get him his very own welding mask to
take to school. The darling tree sits on the hearth of our fireplace so I can see it at all
times. He is a very thoughtful little man!


When The Farmer was a little guy, a lovely chandlier hung over the dining room table
in his home. As time passed and styles changed...The Farmer's Mother took it down
and stored it away. I asked her one day if she had plans for it and if not could The Farmer and I
take it to our home....I had plans for it. I carefully removed each crystal and they have become
ornaments on the Santa tree. They are a piece of his childhood...which I love....and they are
beautiful on the tree....catching the lights of the tree. Another of my favorites!


Finally....The Family tree. It is set up in our dining room....I can see it from the kitchen...
where I spend the majority of my time;)
This tree is filled with ornaments that have been collected by and for The Darlings,
through the years. We find them on trips...or just to represent what their interests and
experiences have been during the past year. This year we added hot air balloons, blown glass,
that represent our many trips to Albuquerque. Also blown glass footballs, and a "golfing" santa,
were added this year. I tell The Farmer that someday I will gift The Darlings with
their ornaments when they are in a place to really appreciate them....The Farmer doesn't
think that I will ever part with each of the special ornaments....we will see;)
The Farmer and I celebrated 22 years of wedded bliss on the 17th.
We took a little trip to Albuquerque..... It gave us the chance to combine work with pleasure.
On the 17th we awoke to 6-8 inches of snow on the ground, which was a great suprise
and made the trip that much more enjoyable. It was fun to spend time talking about
the events of the last 22 years....and what the future holds for us. We have had some pretty
interesting experiences ...The Farmer and I......but I often say....all is manageable if you
love and trust your spouse. We have stood together in some very joyful moments, and we
have held each other up during moments that seemed to difficult to endure. I have
never doubted that I was meant to have this experience called "life" with him.
He has been a complete joy to be married to;)


Alexa Mae said...

I love your tree! And I'm so happy you had a good Christmas. It was kind of sad this year, right when we get into the Christmas spirit, it's over.
You are such a great wife!!

Pedaling said...

Love all your trees.
So, what kind of new camera is coming?

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