Basketball And Candy....

January 19, 2011

When we arrived in Reserve, NM....The Farmer's mind was flooded with memories.
You see when The Farmer was a Young Farmer...he too played in the same tournament,
in Reserve, the same gym.
Now The Boy is re-enacting the whole event....many years later.

We "got" to drive through the little town and look for the house that The Farmer stayed
in when he was a young man. We spent quite a bit of time looking....he was pretty
determined to find the house....but in the end he was not sure which one it was.
We call these the middle..."round two."
Their fathers were friends growing up, and ended up living together while in college.
It is great to watch another friendship that will last a long time.
Maybe one day they will be watching their boys, play in a basketball
Reserve, NM.


The JV Basketball team.

In the nearby town, where we stayed....we found the most darling candy shop.
It was connected to the little diner where we had a very tasty breakfast.

The shop was filled with "retro" type candy....
a wall full of Jelly Bellies....

Giant gumballs....
You name it....they had it!



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Unknown said...

I think I need to buy some candy from that shop so that my husband can jump that high again. He misses the air he used to be able to get.

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