"My Faith In Humanity Is Restored...!"

January 21, 2011

Yesterday, The Farmer and I made a run for the border. That was after spending a great
part of the morning registering The Darlings for EFY this summer.....SUCCESS!!! If you have ever gone through the EFY registration process....you know just what I am talking about. It makes it even more interesting if you are trying to balance three children and their friends...
Anyway...back to the trip.....
We should have left alot earlier....I forgot everything that was important for the trip...
like...cel. phones...chargers....things that should have been mailed...you get the idea;)
I was so overcome with my EFY success...everything else was forgotten.
Another important thing I totally forgot to do was...fill the car with gas. And yes....there
are a few gas stations between here and El Paso...so I didn't worry too much.
We drove and drove....crossed the border...and headed down the last stretch to
El Paso, about 60+ miles....again passing another gas station. At last we arrived in El Paso,
by this point I had forgotten about the gas situation. We choose a different route into
the city than we usually take...and then it happened....the car sputtered....
sputtered again....and then it died.
The Farmer announced....."We have run out of gas!"
I think he actually took getting the whole event on as a challenge...to see how far he
could actually go before the gas was gone. And why not...right??? Just a side note.....
I have NEVER run out of gas.....EVER in my life! I have NEVER had the desire to
push the gas gadge to it's very limit....just thought I would mention that;)
Anyway, so there we were....out of gas....on the freeway....remember, I forgot the cel. phones, so there we sat. Luckily we weren't too far from a gas station. So, The Farmer walked
to a nearby body shop and asked if they might have a little gas he could borrow.....at first
the man wasn't anxious to help...until The Farmer began to speak Spanish....and
everything changed....the man recognized that The Farmer was a fellow Paisano....
(fellow countryman) and immediately offered a gas can will a little gas. Well, it
wasn't quite enough to start the car...so that would mean he would now have to walk to the nearby gas station. He grabbed the can and took off walking. I remained in the car...listening to some great 80's music...of which I am a great fan! The Farmer had walked about a block...
he was still in my sight...when a truck pulled up beside him and offered him a ride. I watched him climb in and wondered to myself...if I should be making notes of what the truck looked
like....just in case.....remember....no phones. I sat a waited.....a few minutes passed
and a different car pulled up next to me...and out jumped The Farmer, gas can in hand.
The car drove way....The Farmer poured the gas into the car....he returned the gas can...and
off we went....to the gas station to fill up. Once in the car The Farmer said this....
"My faith in humanity is restored!"
He never expected that people would be so kind. The guy that actually brought him back
to the car told The Farmer that he was preparing to go around the block so that he could see
what we needed and if he could help in any way. It is so nice to know that there are still
good people in the world that are looking out for others. Because of the safety issues we have
faced in our area in the last few years....we have become suspect of everyone around us.
We have been afraid to stop and help those who need help. It was a good experience...and maybe one we needed....to see the good in "humanity" once again!
But....just for the record....I think we should just fill the car
with gas before we take off on a road trip!


Pedaling said...

it never fails.....just when you think all hope in humanity is lost, something like this happens, to restore it, once again.

ps - your personalities,,,yours and the farmer--together, crack me up.

Bethany said...

I love it. Miss you, sis.

sandyseashells said...

glad all went well. We all need to continue to help others. They say what 'goes around, comes around'. I'm sure you have help many in other situations.
Stay safe down there.

ps. I love that picture of your cows!

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