Catching Up....And...More Birds!

February 25, 2011

436711429 (PreShie chasing the geese out of the wheat field)
Last weekend was our Stake Conference. It is always a great weekend...a bit stressful...but a great weekend. Our church schedule changes a little which is nice, and we get to see many friends, which I love too! Last Friday The Farmer and I made a quick run to El Paso,
mainly to get "supplies" for the conference food that needed to be prepared.
On our way home The Farmer's phone began to ring, and I would hear things like..."Oh wow"...."I am not quite sure what to do..."......"let me make a few phone calls...."
A few months ago, The Farmer had been contacted by The Discovery Channel, in Argentina, because they wanted to do some type of docmentary on The Mormon Colonies in Mexico. He said they seemed legit...he thought it seemed like a great idea....and the wheels were set in motion. He referred to the church authorities in Mexico City and after several letters and phone calls, the offical word was that the church had chosen not to participate in this particular program. The Farmer passed on the message to The Discovery Channel people....and went about his life. Well, Friday night....they arrived anyway. Again seeking direction from Mexico City, The Farmer was encouraged to go ahead and do an interview with the Discovery Channel people, so Saturday morning it was! He spent a great deal of time with them...answering interesting questions....but felt good about what had been discussed. The evening brought conference meetings and his day finally ended late into the night.

(Snow Geese eating the freshly planted wheat...)
The next morning...Sunday....began early...the conference meeting was great.
The Discovery Channel was there to film the begining of the meeting and left once it began.
After conference ended, I was visiting with a few different people...and very quickly I noticed that about every third person who I spoke to said something like..."oh, that was so nice of your husband to invite us to your home for dinner..." and then another person..."what time should we be at your home for dinner today?......" then the missionaries....several of them....said they would be there shortly to enjoy dinner with our family. Panic set in....I started to think about the amount of food I had prepared, (I did know that a few people would join us for dinner).....So I loaded The Darlings in the car and carefully instructed them to NOT eat any of the food....I would make them something to eat later. Those Darlings sprang into action the moment we arrived home....preparing for our unexpected guests...adding more plates on the the table, setting up an additional table and getting the food ready to serve. They were amazing!
The Boy entertained guests waiting in the living room.....PreShie mashed more potates....The Rooster carefully set the table, they all jumped in and helped. Everything worked out...we had a lovely lunch....fed the 5000, and even had a little left over.....WHEN....the phone rang...and it was another set of missionaries who needed something to eat.
They arrived...finished off the last of the food....and left happy and full.
Monday morning Grandpa S. arrived....loaded with oranges and grapefruit....
Oh, The Farmer was happy!
Tuesday PreShie and I headed for El Paso to shop a little for Prom, and for her
to attend a meeting about an upcoming trip she will be taking.
Wednesday brought Dr. apts. to get The Boy's mission papers going....
Thrusday Grandpa S. left us.....
Friday began with a tractor in my front is time to prepare the garden....
and again our day will be filled with Dr. apts. for The Boy and a trip to the Temple tonight to
celebrate The Farmer's Mother's birthday.
It has been a busy week!

Since we are on a bird theme.....
The Snow Geese arrive in our area each year....we are part of the migration path. I love it when they arrive...I think they are beautiful! The Farmer on the other hand isn't so fond of the Snow Geese. They eat the newly planted seed on his farm that is close to where the Gesse hang out for the Winter. When The Darling were very small, The Farmer's Mother taught them about the beautiful white Geese who land in our area each year. And each year when they would arrive, they would pass over our home...making their "honking" noise...and The Boy would yell..."The Geese are here....the Geese are here!!!" We then would drive to the lake to see the
Geese that had arrived. One year....about 10 years ago, we suffered a terrible drought in our area, and our lake actually dried up. That year...the Geese did not come. It took several years for them to return to our area. They are back....

Several years ago...The Boy liked to hunt everything!
He carried a BB gun where ever he went, shooting everything he could...even tractor windows....
that is another story for another day;).....anyway, The Farmer finally told him that he had to eat whatever he shot, thinking that it might slow him down a little. But it did not! And he ate nearly everything he shot. Then, The Farmer told him that Dove's mate for life and live as families...
so to please not shoot the Dove's. He did pretty well with that...but still was found cooking an occasional he could eat what he had shot. One year, The Boy had the need to go Geese hunting. After pleading and begging for days...The Farmer finally gave in and he loaded The Darlings into the back of his truck and drove them to find the Geese. I went along for the ride. They found a field were the Geese were eating and The Boy loaded the shotgun, and made his first shot. He had dreamed about this day...he was Geese hunting...he was a Big Boy!
Only...instead of successfully hitting one of the birds....his shot hit about 10....none died...they were all wounded. He burst into tears and ran from one bird to another trying to fix what he had done. He even brought several back home to try and nurse them back to health.
It broke my heart...and The Farmer announced...."Every boy has to have this experience...and I am pertty certain he won't want to hunt Geese again." And he was right.
It was great fun for me to photogaph the Geese this year.
I am glad they are back!

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