Things I Don't Want To Forget....

February 10, 2011

Things I want to remember about The Rooster.....Forever!
(Age 13 )
*He has the most wonderful twinkle in his eyes...always!
*He is an extreemly picky eater! He does not like onions, and some other vegetables.
*His favorite food is steak and Chicken Brocoli Casserole
*He has the most tender heart, and is kind to the younger cousins
*He is not a morning person, even though he awakes easily he is usually grouchy
*His morning schedule goes like this....
6:00 - wake-up
6:20 - Feed horses and chickens, gather eggs
6:40-7:00 - Eat, scripture study
7:08 - Catch the JSA bus
*He goes to bed by 8:30 pm every night....he needs alot of sleep and often will go to
bed when everyone else is still awake.
*He sleeps in his hunting sleeping bag, on his bed....
*He loves "Vans" the shoes and has many colors
*He is skin and bones...literally! Weighing in at 90 lbs.
One of his teachers at school told him to gain some Mexican standard charts,
he is starving to death!
*He has the best hair ever! Extreemly thick...curly....His Grandma Christine
loves it when it is is the best color too...blondish brown.
*His eyes are dreamy....and green
*He is extreely stubborn!
*Everything he owns is for sale....for the right price
*He is great at saving money for the things he wants to buy
*He is a modern day Tom Sawyer....
I have often found his friends doing the work he was assigned to do
*He loves to Golf
*He is a very good boy....tries hard to do what is right
*He is a great brother and a great friend
*He is a joy to his parents!

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Ben said...

Great post about Rooster. He is the best.

I think it is cool that he sleeps in his hunting bedroll. Sounds like something John Wayne would have done.

Some of his attributes remind me of his Uncle Heath (everything is for sale at the right price and the Tom Sawyer skills).

Ashley said...

Can't believe he's a teenager already! He's making me feel old... ;) Do share your chicken brocoli casserole! Sounds delicious and I need some new recipes! :)

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