So....We Had A Little Fire....

September 7, 2011

Plant Fire - 2011
Last week I was working away in my office...The Farmer was in a meeting in another
room....and one of our employees rushed into my office....out of breath...asking me if I knew
that we had a raging fire going on in our back patio.  No....I had no I ran for The Farmer...
we all ran from the the location of the fire.  On the way...which wasn't too far...
we found three employees whose arms had been burned...trying to move equipment and other
items from the area of the fire.  Luckily they were not hurt too bad...but they still needed medical
attention.  Right about then...the poilice...firemen and ambulance arrive.  That is always
a scene in Mexico...because along with any emergency vehicle...arrives the rest of the town to
see what has happened.  Many who arrived were people we knew...asking how they could help.

Again...thanks to great employees...the fire was brought under control very quickly and although
there was damage...the loss could have been much worse.  The burned employees were treated
and released...and back to work the next day. 

The aftermath....


Marie said...

Hi There! I wasn't sure which blog to reply on, so I am replying on this one! Thanks so much for visiting Oak Cottage! (The fire looks pretty nasty by the way! I am terrified of fire!) Congrats on your son going on his mission. Up until a year ago I was living in the London South Mission area, in Maidstone Stake. It is a fabulous stake and if your son ever gets to Serve in the Tunbridge Wells area he will love it. The people in that spot are just wonderful! How very blessed you are to have a family in ghe Gospel and a son serving on a mission. I am not too far from the Preston MTC at the moment, only about an hour and a half. xxoo

Lisa Johnson said...

Oh my goodness! I am so sorry y'all had that fire but that's a blessing in disguise that no one was seriously hurt or killed. I'm glad y'all were able to get it out sooner than later.

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