The Best Christmas Gift....EVER...!!!

December 26, 2011

Four months ago...I knew that this day would come.
I wasn't quite sure how it would work out...if I would cry my eyes the point that I couldn't even talk...I wasn't sure how I would react.  Our phone systems here in the land that I live are completely
unreliable.  I mean totally unreliable.  It really is a day to day thing...if the telephones will
actually work.  It has been my greatest fear that something would go wrong and we would
miss "the call."  So my week...last week...began with hours on the telephone with the phone company,
checking everything that could be checked with the phone lines.  Once it seemed all was
in place...I began to work out any issues with the Skype program and even made a few practice...Skype
calls to make SURE that everything was working as it should.  It took several days and many
phone calls...but by Friday we were ready to go.  We even had back-up plans in place;)
And then it happened...Saturday morning I got up early...the very first thing I did was check the
phones...and everything was good.  Not long after...I heard the phone ring..I yelled for The Farmer
to answer the phone...(he isn't too good about that)...and realizing what may be happening...he grabbed
the phone and said...hello?....after a long pause he said..."Hi Bubba...." (that is what The Farmer calls his boy)....the tone of his voice was that of a Father who was thrilled to hear the voice of his son...
that he has not heard in several months.  It was our schedule our Christmas Day
phone call!  Of course I burst into tears...The Farmer's voice was filled with emotion too....he enjoyed
a few minutes with His Boy...asking questions...listening....and feeling lots of joy!
By this time The Darlings realized what was happening and they quickly found a place close to
The Farmer so they could hear the voice of their Missionary Brother.  They were grinning from ear
to ear.  I said a quick hello...and told the Missionary Boy that I couldn't wait to "see" him on
Christmas Day...and then the call ended.  It ended much too soon!
Christmas 7:20...the phone rang...and we knew it was him!
After a few minutes....the Skype was working...and we saw and talked to...our Missionary Boy!
He looked great!!!  His face was filled with light!  We talked about his Christmas gifts....
if everything had arrived safely...and it had.   He then told us all about his mission...the new cultures
that he is learning to understand....the different foods he is learning to eat....the wonderful
families who so lovingly care for he and his companion...the people he is teaching....his feelings...his
worries...well I think we really talked about EVERYTHING!!
It was the most perfect Christmas gift ever.
We each had time to visit with him...and even The Farmer's Mother and Loly...The Missionary
Boy's best cousin ever...had a moment to visit.  Lot of tears were shed....mostly by me;)
I am pretty sure The Farmer shed a few as well.
(cousin Loly and The Rooster)
And then it was time to say good-bye.  And that was the worst!!!
The Missionary Boy said it wouldn't be too long until we talked again...(Mother's Day)...
and that the time would pass fast.  We told him that we loved him more than he would ever understand,
and how very proud of him that we are.  We also thanked him for blessing our family with his
missionary service.  He cried....we all cried...and then we said good-bye.
Christmas couldn't have been better for me!  To see our Missionary Boy thriving in his role
as missionary was the greatest gift of all!


Cedar said...

Im all teary just reading this post! What an amazing experience for you and your family! 4 months, wow! Mothers Day will be here before you know it! :) Thanks for sharing this!

Hope said...

So glad you got to enjoy talking with him! Thought you might enjoy this post - a sister missionary mentions your boy and has a picture (about 2/3's of the way through the post) and apparently has stayed with some of your family.

Pedaling said...

such a great description of the call and arrangements made to receive the call. So happy for you!
Best gift ever1

Bethany said...

Gosh, there is something sooooo cool about those Christmas phone calls. I cried just reading this. Bubba is one LOVED boy. I hope he knows how much he is prayed for and missed. I am so glad you had a nice Christmas! I love you, Shell.

Me... said...

So happy for you, Shelley! We will be doing the same thing next year... Jeffrey just turned all his mission papers in! I really hope he goes outside the U.S., pero quien sabe! My mom says your house is just Christmas magic, completely beautiful! Wish I could've seen it! Thanks for the Christmas card by the way... I didn't send any out this year. Next year though! ;-)

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