The Missionary Boy's Christmas....

December 5, 2011


I have a touch of OCD...and I know it.  It comes in handy sometimes and other really bugs
The Farmer!;)  Even when he is pretty hardly know it...he is in perfect control
about 98% of the time.  So back to my OCD...when The Missionary Boy left for his mission,
I began thinking about Christmas.  How was I going to ship his gifts??? What was I going to get him???
The Farmer...all the while...kept saying..."he really won't care...I promise!"
And, no mother I know actually believes the way!  I started making lists...searching the Internet
for ideas that he would enjoy.  I read every idea I could find, from Mom's who had
"been there and done that..."  and then I came up with my game plan.

By Halloween...I was ready to mail the packages that I had so carefully put together.
Each item wrapped with pretty ribbons and notes attached so he would feel somewhat like he
was at home.  I must have gone through the packages a hundred times...making sure I hadn't forgotten
anything.  It was so much fun putting it all together for him.  I cried a little in the process...feeling sad
for myself...not so much for him...(because I know he is fine.)  With everything ready to go...I started to load
the boxes into my car...after all we were heading to El Paso, and this is when I heard....
The Farmer.."what are you doing??"
Me..."I am loading The Missionary Boy's boxes into my car.."
The Farmer..."Why???"
Me..."Because it is time to ship them.."
The Farmer..."seriously??? is November 1st..."
Me..."yes I am serious!...I want them in the mail he is sure to get them."
**side note**
I think I have heard every horror story out there...of a missionary not getting his/her Christmas on time,
and they were without anything on Christmas morning...would it traumatize him??? I don't
think so...would it traumatize me....OH YES IT WOULD!!!
...back to the story...
so The Farmer assured me that it was much too early to mail a Christmas package...and that
The Missionary Boy would get his packages without a problem....
...and I should please unload the boxes from the car...everything would be just fine.

And because I believe what The Farmer tells me...I did what he asked and I waited.
The boxes were mailed around Thanksgiving...they have arrived (I watched the tracking)
and now me and my OCD can rest;)  We (The Darlings and I) had such a great time preparing
the boxes for The Missionary Boy.  I hope he will feel our love for him when he opens each
of the well thought out items.  One of PreShie's friends was visiting our house a few weeks ago,
and we were talking about an especially fun project we did for The Missionary Boy...
This young man said to me..."he is going to cry when he sees this."
It was the best way, I could think of...that we could send him a hug from home.
(I will post more details about this project later...)

Another fun project....we asked each family member...on both sides of the make an
ornament for The Missionary Boy...writing a note and including a photo.  I then laminated each ornament
and hung them on a make a long garland he can hang in his apartment.
It is darling and full of loving and encouraging comments for family who love him so very much!

Merry...Merry...Christmas to our Missionary Boy!
We can't wait to hear his voice on Christmas Day!!!


Pedaling said...

keep posting all that you do---i'm gonna copy all your idea's!

i sure hope his companions family comes through, as well.

BAS said...

You have a "touch of OCD"?
You really are the a heir apparent to the Martha Stewart mantle! :)

I am sure he will love it. Merry Christmas!

The Farmer's Wife said...

Spoken as only a dear brother could speak...from experience;) Love you!

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