This Boy Of Mine....

April 12, 2016


This Boy of mine is 23 today! 
How did that happen...and...where has the time gone? 
I know...I say that each and every year of his life. 
This Boy has done a lot of living in his few years, 
 More than I think a person should have to...but it's his plan. 
Really it's His plan and I am ok with that.

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 It seems that for several years now, this Boy has celebrated his birthday in the hospital. 
 One year it was a car accident... 
another it was a broken arm...
and this year he will be celebrating with a surgery on his nose 
that he has desperately needed for a long time. 
 I guess the universe has him on some kind of schedule ;)

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The burden of being a "first-born" is a heavy one. 
 He has shouldered it well.
 He is a protector...a defender...a worker...a dutiful son.... 
responsible and now he has added to the list...husband. 
I can look into his eyes and see a little of his soul... 
I can see when he is sad, when he is worried...when he is burdened. 
I can also see is joy and happiness...his desire for good. 
He has and is a blessing to his family and a joy to his parents.


These are the things I want to remember about you now.... 
You are thoughtful... 
You are a great cook and enjoy yummy food! 
You like to share a Diet Coke with your Mom... 
You love to fish! 
You love Kallie and that makes me happy!
 I wondered who the girl would be that would steal your heart... and she has! 
You have such a desire to lift the burdens of your Dad, and work really hard to do that... 
I love your sense of family. 
I have loved having you home for the last few months... 
you have brought so much life and fun into our home!! 
I love how you are committed to finish your education... 
My are a blessing to our family! 
Happy Birthday!!!! 

*Today is also our Sweet Graces' birthday. 
She must have really really loved her brother to share her birthday with him. 
 I know she is close by

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