The Farmer's Easter Picnic...Part 1

March 31, 2016


 Each year, The Farmer hosts an Easter Picnic for La Familia. 
 It is something that is looked forward to by everyone for different reasons. 
 Some love the fishing...others love the Easter Egg Hunt (specifically the anticipation of the Golden Egg) and others come to visit and eat. It has always been held at Rancho Guadalupe, a farm we have loved and worked for a very long time. This year we sold Rancho G, and have begun working on a new farm. The new owners were kind enough to allow us one last Easter Picnic...actually they would allow us all the picnics we would like for however long we would like, but we have BIG plans for next year and a new beginning to a sweet family tradition.


 Some of the sweetest pictures I have ever taken have been at 
The Farmer's Easter Picnic. 
The darling little ladies in the family found big willow trees and 
spent a lot of time swinging from the long green branches.

  IMG_7331IMG_7332 IMG_7335 IMG_7341

Older cousins helped younger cousins fish...


Brothers and cousins floated around....hoping to catch "The Big One!!"


Another group of cousins paddled around together....

  IMG_7368IMG_7370 IMG_7417

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