His Wedding Shoes...

March 3, 2016

( J+K...The Marriage License)

 Time is just passing too quickly and there are so many things I don't want to forget. Thoughts...feelings...hopes...dreams. 
We have gotten all of the pictures of The Boy's December wedding. 
 As I have gone through all of the beautiful photos, it's given me the chance to reflect 
back on that day. The things I remember most are being surrounded by such wonderful 
family and friends. My brothers, and sister...brothers-in-law...sisters-in-law...all there to
 love us at this very special time for our family.  To have my Aunts and
Uncles from both sides of my family in the 
temple with us was amazing! We had a few minutes, waiting for the ceremony to 
begin, where I was able to just look around the room...remembering why I loved 
each person who was there to be with us. That was a very special moment for me. 
The Boy's mission President and his wife drove from St. George to be with him in the
 Mesa Temple for the ceremony. That brought so many tears for me. 
 They are amazing people.


 The morning of the wedding, I overheard The Boy asking Grandma Vicki if he 
could use his grandpa's shoe shine kit. He wanted to polish the shoes he would be married in. 
 The shoe shine kit was kept in a little wooden box. Grandpa Charles was meticulous
 about keeping his Sunday shoes clean and polished. I have so many memories of him 
polishing his shoes with that sweet kit. I didn't realize that The Boy also had memories 
of his Grandpa Charles shinning his shoes. Knowing my Father, I am sure he must have 
taken the time to teach The Boy, his grandson, how to properly clean and polish his shoes, 
when he was a young boy. I am sure he worked right along with him as he taught him...
that was his way. The Boy sat quiet as he polished his shoes. It was a sacred moment for him.
 He had planned to have his Grandpa Charles with him in the temple on his wedding day.
 In fact, he would have preformed the ceremony as he was a Sealer when he passed away. 
The Boy was longing for his Grandpa Charles the morning of his wedding day. 
 He would have had some wonderful words of counsel for The Boy...
he would have told him how very proud of him that he was...
he would have shed tears with The Boy...he was good at that ;) 
He would have guided him on his wedding day with great strength and 
testimony and great love. 
The Boy missed him terribly... 
and so did I.


 It was a very sweet moment to witness as The Boy found his dear grandfather
 in the simple act of polishing his shoes on his wedding morning. I am ever grateful 
for a Father who continued to "raise" me as I raised my own children. 
 And with his wisdom, he raised them too... I think he still does. 
 I hope I never forget that tender moment between 
The Boy and his Dear Grandpa Charles.

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