All Together Again...

March 9, 2016


A few days ago The Boy loaded a few of the Longhorns in a trailer to move them to 
Rancho 25...where the others have been living for a few months. 
 He asked if I wanted to go along for the ride to drop them off. 
 I do love those Longhorns of it was an easy yes!
 They haven't all been together for awhile and I wondered if they would 
be happy to see each other;) I like to believe that they
 know each other and are friends!

When we arrived at Rancho 25, the Longhorns there, were grazing and seemed 
uninterested in what we were doing... that is until the Longhorns in the trailer
 began to make sounds. Before we knew it the trailer was surrounded by one
 group of Longhorns...
waiting to see their friends/family inside of the trailer.

There was alot of excitement when those trailer doors opened!
 The Longhorns were reunited!! 
The whole family! It was so fun to watch. 
They seemed pretty happy to be back together.
  011016 017 018

Next The Boy showed me the ground that he had spent all 
night preparing to plant. All night on a tractor... He has been such a great help to us... 
We are sure glad he is here.

  022023 028

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