Visiting Precious...

March 7, 2016


A few weeks ago I had the chance to spend a few days with Precious in Utah. 
She is a perfect joy! 
We spent lots of time her room...
decorating...and shopping. 
She is a good time, that Precious!

  002 (2) 

She has a unique ability to light up any room she enters. 
She loves those around her and has a great desire to help anyone 
who may be hurting. She loves her job, and is valued by her employer. 
 I love how she loves life!


She still has some healing to do, but she is ready to heal. 
Sometimes you have to work pretty hard to heal from
 traumatic events...and she committed.


 I love this girl of mine... She is a blessing to her family.

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mark lawrence said...

Wow, this sounds great. It’s good that your meeting went well. I am also going to meet my college friends after a long time. We have organized a small reunion party at a prominent party venue NYC and everyone is so eager for this reunion.

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