It's All About The Coop!

July 26, 2009

Photo by Cjane
We are nearing the end of our home "renovtion." It has been a great experience even though we have literally lived in the middle of it while it was happening. We LOVE our contractor and well, it just won't be the same without him around. The Rooster is out of town at the moment, and when I told him we were about done, he said....."please don't let (our beloved contractor) go until I get back!" They really are great men...the whole crew! BUT, IT IS TIME!
We are thrilled with all that has been done, THRILLED!
One of the funnest things, for me, is the new respectable chicken coop! We have had chickens
for several years, it is so great to have fresh eggs each day. It has also been the "job" of The Rooster to care for the chicken herd. He feeds them, waters them and gathers the eggs daily. He has been doing this for a LONG time, and he does a great job.
He even names them, his favorite, which went to live with The Farmer's Mother, was named
LINDA, and somehow I think that Linda knew she was his favorite, she was a bit stuck up!
back to the coop.
So, my Dad came for a visit a few years ago, and ask what he could do for me during his visit. I quickly said, "build me a chicken house!" I had been envying his for awhile. While my parents lived in Utah they had the most fantastic chickens and the most darling house for them.
And so he set out to build the house. Can I just say
It is red with a tin roof and it is the best. I love it more because he built it for me.
So, I had the dang cute chicken house, but the coop just didn't work.
Last week, I had to leave town for a few days,
And when I came back.......I had a
That contractor that we all love so much....built me an awesome coop!
Nothing fancy....but perfect! I swear that those chickens love it too! They really showed it off the first time I visited their new place.
We have planted a great tree for them, to offer a little more shade. And it is perfection!
I can't wait for The Rooster to come home and check it out.....
*visit cjane for a great story about chickens in Provo


LaNae said...

You will have to post pictures--We remodeled a few years ago and I can finally say it was worth it. What an ordeal!

Mom2my9 @ 11th Heaven said...

The Rooster always has something cool going on! Love your coop!

Cathy said...

We need pictures of the chicken coop! How bout some of your new kitchen too! Heaven forbid I should walk a whole block to see it for myself!

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