On Being A Vegetarian.....

July 21, 2009


This was the phone call I got today from PreShie....
PreShie: "Mom...I have decided to make some changes in my life."
MoM: "Really...that is great!...I think??? what are you talking about?"
PreShie: "I have decided to become a vegetarian!"
MoM: "Wow! a vegetarian, that is really nice"
PreShie: "Yep, I am now a vegetarian, EXCEPT, for
Sunday's and Monday's, what do you think?"
MoM: "PreShie, that is really funny!, everyday except Sunday and Monday?"
PreShie: "Why is that funny?"

I can't say that I have heard of a mid-week vegetarian...but
I have alot of this (above) waiting for her return;)


Meredith said...

OHHHH!!!! i miss that girl!!! she makes me laugh every time i talk to her! COME HOME VICTORIA!!

Pedaling said...

that picture of her in the water is so fun and origional..
and a midweek vegetarian seems like a good idea then she can still enjoy a sunday roast!

Mom2my9 @ 11th Heaven said...

You KNEW I was going to be here for this post, right? I think her plan is PERFECT! She will be following the word of wisdom and eating meat sparingly, but she will still get to enjoy those special family dinners on Sunday! I'm not sure why she choose the Monday thing, but whatever! Tell her I'm proud of her!

LaNae said...

That sounds like my kind of plan--Great picture!

Jeff's Wife! said...

That's my kind of diet... you get to cheat on the weekends!

Morganne Romney said...

oh my gosh!! i have the same swimsuit as victoria!! haha...

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