It's Been Awhile!

July 8, 2009

It has been ahwile since I have posted, certainly not because there is nothing
to blog about, life has been very full and very busy. Here is a little update.
Our area is suffering terribly right now. The violence has risen to a level we thought
or atleast we prayed, that we would never see. It has changed things for us.
It has changed "life" for us.
For me, it is important that I choose to see the beauty around me rather
than focus on the obvious struggles we face daily. We are full of
faith. Each day is a new day that is filled with hope.
And so we press forward filled with faith!

The Farmer planted a section of sunflowers for me this year. He knows how much
I love flowers in general, but the sunfowers we grew two years ago brought me sooo much joy!
So it was a little gift from him, this small field of sunflowers and
I love them!
PreShie and the cousins were off to EFY in Thatcher this year. It was thier first year
to attend. Yes, that is a trailer (above) filled with thier needs for the week.
The Boy and I took 5 girls and dropped them off for a fun filled
week at EFY. They really hauled alot of STUFF!
PreShie and her dear friend/roomate, Kyla.
The Boy, surrounded with his beautiful cousins!
The Rooster is attending Scout Camp at the moment. This is his second year,
and The Farmer wasn't able to go this year, so it was pretty sad for
us to say goodbye to the little guy for a week. Thank goodness for amazing
leaders who serve our boys! We are planning on him returing with a load
of merit badges!


Barbiemat said...

Beautifully written. Beautiful flowers.

Pedaling said...

glad you posted....i've been seeing your postings on facebook, so i knew your around....
but, i have been reading of the violence the killings, almost rapes,,,the corruption...and each and every time you come to my thoughts....that little indecent a few months back...well, let me just say, somebody was watching out for you that day.

also, sunflowers- my dads favorite flower....and amber is using them as the main flower for her wedding reception....i love the field...keep posting pics of them as long as they are in bloom. they are so cheerful.

your kids are beautiful, your older boy gets more and more handsome with every picture posted.
they are all nice looking kids.

glad to hear from you today!
be safe!!

LaNae said...

Beautiful flowers--what a sweet husband! I hope everything is okay.

Meredith said...

your captain moroni at the top of your blog made me cry.

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