Another Football Weekend!

October 10, 2009

Another football weekend found us on the road again. We are so enjoying, following The Boy around to his games. The team is such a great group of boys and some of his dearest friends.
This weekend found us in Silver City, New Mexico. We have been to this little town
many times, but this was the first time for a football game. Many lessons are learned from sports, and well the coach of the opposing team reminded us that there are some
pretty unbalanced people in the world. Much too long of a story to repeat, but thankfully another administrator corrected is completely foolish behavior.
(I secretly hope he is reading my blog at this very moment!)
The Boy sprained (my opinion) a couple of his fingers during the game, but blessed with his grandmother's tolerance for pain....he was basically okay.
p.s. I really like #80....he is a dear friend to The Boy....they have been basically since birth.
After the game.....and after some yummy Mexican food, The Boy and #80 took off to the Ranch with one of The Farmer's brothers.....for a weekend round-up. Oh....those two boys needed a trip to the ranch. A little mental R&R.
On our way home.....we all enjoyed a flu shot....we are begining to see outbreaks here.
I know that opinions are mixed about the shots, but we are not sure which risk is get the shot....or not to?????
It's done now!
Halloween decorations have taken over our home.
We are really having fun this year....
This is Wanda....
She is my favorite! My sister-in-law painted this for me a few years ago,
and she is must each Halloween!
A fire is roaring in the fireplace...and The Farmer just asked....
"Who started that fire???" and I answered "ME!!"
to which he replied...." isn't even cold,"
and I said
"because I can...that's why!"

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Barbiemat said...

I LOVE your decor. I am itching to go to Hobby Lobby for some more.

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