Rooster's Conference Notes....

October 13, 2009

During the Priesthood session, last weekend, The Rooster asked The Farmer
for a piece of paper. The Farmer thought he needed something to draw on, and gave him a scrap of paper he happened to have in his pocket.
After Priesthood was over, The Farmer took his boys out to a lovely dinner,
a little family tradition. During dinner The Farmer asked his boys...what
they had learned from the talks they had just heard. The Rooster quickly
took a wadded up piece of paper out of the pocket of his suit and began to share
quotes that he had written from each speaker.
The Farmer was shocked! Pleasantly shocked I might add;)
When The Rooster arrived home that same night, he asked me for a notebook
and he then carefully copied his notes from the meeting.
(his gift is not you might he is a "keeper!")


Ashley said...

That is so cute! What a GREAT kid!

Jan T. said...

That is priceless! He got some great quotes! I just may have to copy some of those down!

Jarmeg Family said...

that rooster is quite a spiritual guy, i love when our children pleasantly suprise us!

LaNae said...

Sometimes with teenagers it is amazing how you can think they are not listening at all but they get everything and can usually answer all of our questions about talks!

Jeff's Wife! said...

Oh, I always knew that Rooster was extra special!!! :-)

Pedaling said...

hold on to him tight!
love those good boys.

Jenis Thoughts said...

Thats great! I especially love the huchirk quotes!:)

Meredith said...

so sweet. i love it, and i'm sure elder uchtdorf has had his name spelled worse than that before. sadie calls him "dieter effin uchdork."

Lisa said...

I love it thanks for sharing!

Cathy said...

How sweet! Speaking of spelling... you should look at Ashley blog to see the "websites" her 6 year old logs onto! So funny to see how he spells things!

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