PreShie.....A Weekend Celebration!!

October 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to Sweet PreShie!
And how better to celebrate than to stretch it out as long as possible! I am all for that!
One of my dear brothers says it should be called "birth-month" rather than "birthday," and I totally agree with that!!
Our PreShie was a very welcome suprise. She has been full of emotion since the day she was born, and it has been alot of fun for us. Our celebration began in El Paso, with a birthday breakfast, birthday lunch, birthday shopping.....and anything else birthday that she could
squeeze in there. Saturday we had a birthday party, Sunday another party with
the family for yummy cake. Monday brought the birthday lunch of choice,
delivered to the high school for friends and cousins!!
You can never have enough birthday celebrations!
PreShie and the cousins.....they are beautiful girls!
The "birthday group" having a little birthday lunch.
The birthday cupcakes...complete with eyeballs and spider rings.
It was also "boot" day with the cousins.....some got new boots over the weekend and were anxious to show them off!
A little birthday "roping" is always in order. The Rooster offered himself up as the one to be roped.
The Boy and a good friend gladly did the roping.
On my way home from the birthday lunch......I had a moment.
One that I was reminded how much I love this place that I live. The afternoon was
beautiful, a little cloudy and just darn lovely.
And I found myself full of gratitude that I live where I do, with family and
friends that I love.
The weekend also brought a much deserved WIN for the Lobos,
The Boy played well. It was a great game.
Way to go Lobos!!!


Jeff's Wife! said...

What a lucky girl to have such a long birthday!!! Those cupcakes were adorable (like a recipe from a magazine!) As always, your posts have a way of making me feel homesick! :-)

Lisa said...

Can I just say I love the cowboy boots.....what a fun picture.

Mom2my9 @ 11th Heaven said...

Loved this post! I always love your photography, FW! I did a post on The Boy's game. There are some cute pics of him, so come see!

LaNae said...

I agree--birthdays should last all month! Cute boots!

Meredith said...

if anyone deserves such a grand birthday celebration it's victoria. i love that girl. i'm glad you celebrated so greatly!

Cathy said...

Always fun to read your blog! Your post about PreShie's birthday reminded me of LuAnne! She used to say that her birthday had past, but that she was still accepting presents! Sounds like your daughter got a lot of mileage out of her birthday! LOVED to boot picture! Those are some really cool boots!! I know Uncle Max enjoyed that picture!

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