April 30, 2010

A rainy afternoon
cousins home early from school

cousins covered in mud.
Cousin Loly came up with the idea......
she asked....then begged.....then pleaded.....and the other two girl cousins were
the only takers. The rest of the cousins said "no way!"
They had a great time....and in the end.....we decided that....
they all have beautiful teeth!
(thanks for the pictures Cousin Loly)
p.s. congatulations to these three cousins who made varsity cheer at the JSA !!


Pedaling said...

now that looks like fun!

LaNae said...

Once you're in--it's a lot of fun!

Cathy said...

YUCK! I'm glad they didn't come inviting Aunt Cathy to join them! But if you have to find something nice to say... yes, they all beautiful teeth!! (and a creative way of entertaining themselves!)

Jan T. said...

And of course your daughter is the one in WHITE!:) Did that come clean?

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