"A Well Oiled Machine"

April 10, 2010

Months and months of planning have gone into this moment.....
the planting of the potatoes.
The day was warm. Under a bright blue sky, the tractors moved like a
"well oiled machine."
(that is a direct quote from Unlce Pingo)
The last several days have been full of problems with equipment not working correctly,
hot days,
planting all night long....
but finally it all came together.
As the planter moved up and down the rows, the men.... who were making sure the
seed potatoes didn't get caught in planter......
sang a few songs....very loudly;) That made the planting a little more enjoyable.
For me anyway!
Uncle Pingo told me that one of the workers had performed a special ritual on the field.
Something that had to do with breaking glass and an egg???
Anyway, it will insure a plentiful crop this year, without major problems.
He assured that all of the "witches had been worked out."
I thought that was pretty great....and I am wondering if he can stop by and do the same thing for The Darlings....

The "seed" potatoes aren't too pretty. They are certainly not something that you would want to eat. They have been sitting for months in temperature controlled rooms, preparing to be planted. Each potato falls into a little slot in the planter, and is carried down a conveyor until it is dropped into the ground and then covered with dirt.

152 This picture makes me smile;) (above)
That Farmer of mine....he said this post should be titled "king of the world"
(remember Titanic...the movie???)
or of the potato world....anyway....I love it when he is happy about farming, and when there are no bugs, or sick plants....or everything else hard that goes with farming. This is the best time of the year for a farmer....nothing majorly bad has happened yet.....
and so he is happy and most of all hopeful! I love that!
When the planting is finished, the watering begins....

Spring is fantastic this year.....
The light is beautiful, the flowers seem to be blooming better than usual....
Things are blooming that have not produced a flower.....for years.....
I am not sure if Winter seemed extra long this year....
or if Spring is just extra beautiful this year!
*When I arrived home from the farm today I found a note on the counter that said...
"Dear Mom,
I went spear fishing with Cousin Ben,
and Andre....
Be back soon!
The Boy"
Just another day in the life of The Boy!


Pedaling said...

woa....and your pictures just continue to get better and better!

you make such hard work look so beautiful!

oh, to be a boy again....
or a girl.

Cathy said...

I admire that you are so involved in everything that goes on at the farm. I think I make it over to Big Bear's farm about twice a year! I guess you really like "dirt!" ha ha!
Beautiful pictures, farmer's wife!!!

Trisha said...

Is that the "pajarito" in the back ground? Beautiful pictures. I love your perspective on things.
Keep it up.

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