The Perfect Barn...

April 21, 2010

On a lovely piece of property....not far from our home....
we had dreamed and planned to build a home. Not that the dream is dead....but it is
on hold for awhile, and that's okay with me (for now).
The land is dreamy.....the trees are planted....and parts of it remain a working farm.
Along with the house, barn plans were also made. I mean really, everyone needs a barn!
A barn....everyone should have a barn!
I do have another motive.....don't tell The Darlings.....
but how great would it be to host a wedding in a big red barn??? I already have a total visual
on this one! I know...I have time....I don't need to be worrying about this right now,
after all, The Darlings aren't anywhere near marriage......

But my thought is....why not get started now?! I have been looking for just the right barn are some pretty great barns out there.

Kim Barn
This just might be it!
This photo was taken by my sister-in-law Kim.....she visited this very special place...
(not just the barn) and I am so glad she took this picture.
To see more of her work go HERE. She is fantastic!
So, back to the barn....I would love for ours to be something like this one.
It is what a barn "should" look like!


Pedaling said...

i love driving by and seeing old and new barns. these are great. yes, even without animals,everyone needs a barn...they make great storage centers and wedding receptions!

Kevin Noel said...

These barns have an exquisite design! It can be mistaken as structures built for human beings. Although you do not own this barn, you are still fortunate because you live near this place. You can visit it regularly, stroll and take photographs of the awesome views. But nobody can tell, someday you might also own an exquisite barn like this.
Kevin Noel

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