Farm Livin' Is The Life We Love!

May 14, 2010

005 Saturday evening we all met at The Farm. The whole family! It was another opportunity to celebrate the homecoming of Auntie Beth. Tradition for the family is to kick off the beginning of Summer....and the end of Summer with a hamburger fry. We have been doing it for years.
So what better place to do that....than The Farm. Everyone brought their fishing poles.......
several people made a catch or occupied The Boy for a very long time!

PreShie and Auntie sat on the edge of the pond....watching....and chatting.

The rest of the family sat nearby, waiting for Unlce D. to cook up the hamburgers.
It was a great afternoon....not too hot...not too windy....just right!

The trees are loaded with peaches....HORRAY!
Now we pray that we will be able to get the crop off without any major disasters;)
Our prayer most every year.

Auntie Beth took the camera, and she, PreShie and the grandparents took off on a walk.
It was fun to find the pictures that she had taken.

Who knew that she could get the grandparents to pose like this!


It was an exceptional afternoon/evening. The night ended with roasting marshmallows over the fire. It was great to be together as a family, laughing, talking and is what we do best!
The Farm is special place for me. Years ago it was the home to many different families. Through the years each of the small homesteads were purchased to make one farm. I have often told The Farmer that I can feel the goodness of the people who were there before us. The were people who tried their best to do what was right and worked so hard to carve out a life for their families in that place that we call The Farm. Their goodness still lingers. The Farmer says that we never really "own" anything in a lifetime....we are just caretakers for moment in time. We are blest to be the caretakers of this place that has taken care of so many good people through the years.
Farm livin' really is the life we love!


BarbaraJo said...

Awww...this post makes me happy.

Pedaling said...

beautiful people- must be something in the air!

Cathy said...

Such cute pictures!! Priceless!! I hope our blogs will last "for all eternity!!" I would hate to lose all this! Such perfect documentation of your life and family!!!

Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

I totally can't believe Beth is back already! That was fast! (maybe not for you)

tammy said...

Beautiful pics.

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