Time To Fly.....

May 22, 2010

This week has been filled with activities....actually most every night....all leading up to graduation It was a wonderful day!
It was overwhelming to see our cousin Ben walking down the isle with his cap and gown on.
I found myself thinking back to the day he was born....driving to Utah to see him....all the while not knowing that I was expecting The Boy. This group of cousins decided to "come" together....they are all 9 months apart or less. They are more like siblings than cousins....anyway.....Ben started the process that we will all be going through too soon!
We cried....and cried....this family beamed with pride!!!
We all sat together...and decided to wear lei's, so that we would all be connected to each other. The graduate wore one too!
Graduation at the JSA is a very solemn experience. The traditional talks are given...but always a spiritual message is delivered. This year is was by Elder Brown who is our Area Authority, who also happens to be the current Director of the school. He offered such great wisdom on standing strong when our beliefs are challenged. He has been a great director, and has really loved the kids and helped them see their potential.

The proud parents.....The Father of the graduate...was the guest speaker, chosen by the Senior class. He did a great job too!
The Boy is worried....next year.....it will be his turn.
His Mom cried and cried just thinking about what the future holds;)
The Rooster and his cousins...had a little fun when the ceremony was over....

We started a few new traditions this year that we will repeat for our upcoming graduates.
The lei's to begin with....
After the ceremony was over, we all met on the campus where each person was given a balloon,
and as a group on the count of three, we released the balloons to
symbolize his departure from us.

It was fun to watch the balloons rise high into the air.....
Which is what we expect from the Graduate....he will most certainly achieve many great things.

And then.....the group hug...
That was the best of all! Everyone gathered arm in arm with The Graduate in the center,
and we hugged him tight!
Symbolizing that, even though we will let him go for a moment.....we really will have our
arms wrapped around him, no matter where he will be.

To finish the afternoon, we attended the traditional dinner that is served after each
graduation. It was yummy!
It was an emotional day....it was a great day!

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Pedaling said...

Congrats to the graduate!

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