Mission Accompished!!

May 11, 2010

She found her way home!!!....YEA!!!
Her plane was.....EARLY!!!!......seriously..when has a plane been early???
We arrived 10 minutes before the plane was to arrive and yes.....
she had already arrived!!! Luckily our parents had gotten there in time.
So Auntie Beth was greeted with screams....posters...balloons and alot of tears....
as she was exiting the bathroom!
Not like we had pictured it...but it worked!
Funny thing....the same thing happened to The Farmer when he came home from his mission....only his family got lost on the way to the airport....
Some very, very happy parents, greeting their baby girl!
We made quite a scene....many stopped to watch....
we cried, we laughed....we cried some more and we hugged a whole lot!
The Darlings were beyond excited to get their Auntie Beth/more like a sister,
back home. They had so much to tell her and spent the weekend catching her up on their lives. She patiently listened....offered a little advice and alot of love....those Darlings listen to her
when they had blocked the rest of the world out. I love her for that!

This Dad was the happiest Dad in town when his little girl arrived home.
The Mom cried alot....remembering scenes from past missionary arrivals...that involved myself and Auntie Beth....and then she just cried some more.

When he thought no one was looking....The Rooster found the perfect opportunity to ride the baggage conveyors....why not??? And the balloons added the perfect touch!
It made sense to him and provided some good laughs for the rest of the group!

After a yummy lunch in El Paso....we headed home.....
and thanks to Aunt Kelly.....Auntie was welcomed back to town with signs that were strung across the street, yellow ballons tied to the fences and the trees tied with yellow ribbons!
What a welcome!!! We spent the weekend eating....chatting....picnicing......eating some more....
sharing experiences.....chatting about the future.....and just catching up!
We are soooo proud of Aunite....we are grateful for her example....
We are glad that she is home!!!!


BarbaraJo said...

Congratulations! How long is Bethany going to stay in town?

Chris said...

What is it about that airport scene, that brings tears to my eyes every time!!!!!!!!

Pedaling said...

great post title.

you really know how to capture the moment!

safe and sound--happy day!

Jan T. said...

I'm with Chris....that airport scene with a newly returned missionary makes me cry every time...even when it's in a blog post. I'm still sniffling!:) She is darling...I have a cute, cute brother for her when she's ready!:)

Cathy said...

Yes.... the plane has been early before! It was early when Brandon came home from his mission in Chile! Back in the day you could go clear up to watch them come off the plane... We found Brandon coming down the stairs in the El Paso airport because his flight was early! He said it was so disappointing to come off the plane after two years and have no one there! I felt bad too! Bethany gave a great talk in Sacrament Mtg! Missionary reports are my favorite! Great job Sister Skinner!

Mikkyn said...

Congratulations Bethany!!! I am so proud of you. You look amazingly beautiful!

Trisha said...

Didn't know she was one of "Dublan's missionaries". How cool is that!

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