Easter Break....A Cubs Game....

April 16, 2012

Semana Santa...or Easter break lasts for two weeks in the country of Mexico.
It is always the week before and the week after Easter.
We decided that we would spend the first week in Mesa, with family, to celebrate Easter, and
then return home so that The Rooster could do a little fishing.
The Rooster is really loving Baseball right now, and so we thought we would take in a
Spring Training game while in Mesa.  The weather was perfect....it was The Rooster's first
"pro" baseball game...it was alot of fun!!
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The event was complete when we all stood and sang...
"Take Me Out To The Ballgame..." the 7th inning stretch;)
Oh my goodness...I love that part of Baseball...LOVE IT!!!
The hot dogs were delish...
The vendors were a little crazy...
The people watching was EXCELLENT....;)
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The Cubs won!
It was their last Spring Training game of the season....
The Rooster got his Baseball signed....
he was pretty happy about that;)
It was a great afternoon...and The Farmer announced that....
"We should do this more often....;)"


Kellie said...
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Kellie said...

It was fun to "meet" you in Mesa. I still love your pics. :)

Pedaling said...

looks like a new easter break tradition!

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