The Easter Egg Hunt....

April 5, 2012

The Easter Hunt was the best!
The "big" cousins took the nearly 200+ Easter Eggs and hid them well, within
the surrounding orchard.  The grass was tall, so that made for some great hiding places;)
In fact...I wouldn't be surprised if some of the men who work in the orchard, find
Easter Eggs for a long time to come;)  With the regular Easter Eggs, were 12 "golden" eggs.
They were filled with a treat...and a number.
The rule was...only one golden egg per cousin.
The hunt was done in shifts...beginning with the "little" cousins...and then worked
up by age.  As you can see..(above)...some of the cousins took this very seriously...
after all...candy was at stake!!
The "big" cousins came through after the majority of the eggs had
been found...helping the "little" cousins find the remaining eggs.

Some people really made an Easter Egg haul!
She happily announced that she had found 39 eggs!
Once the hunt was complete, everyone gathered around The Farmer, who tried to
explain what we were celebrating at the farm that day...I am not sure anyone heard
him...they just wanted to know who won the prize for the golden egg!
Everyone located the number that was in each golden egg....
The Farmer demonstrated what the prize would be....
$150 pesos...
and the drawing began....
The cousins was pretty excited that she had won the $$$....lots of jumping and
screaming took place;)  A couple of "little" hearts were broken that they didn't win...
but when all was said and done...The Cousins were thrilled with the Easter Egg hunt...and
the treats that were found inside each egg!

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Pedaling said...

now that's an Easter egg hunt!

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